Feature Request- "Night display mode" for iOS and Android apps

Offer a preference setting to allow users to switch (including automatically by time if day) the apps into “night display mode.” Basically, it’s a theme that inverts the white areas to black. For anyone that has ever used the Feedly app, they will know what I’m talking about. If you have to make adjustments to the app late at night, it will be much easier on the eyes!


Brian, lots of good feature requests from you lately. Are you duplicating your requests to support@smartthings.com? :slight_smile:

Thanks. I love to do usage scenarios, etc. My first “real job” was for a software company, so I’m used to the process.

I have not emailed them, but that is a good idea. I thought that putting a good, consistent title like I do would be enough. But, they are busy and might not see it…so good suggestion.

Perhaps another suggestion would be for them to setup an email address "FeatureRequests@smartthings.com"? I’ll put it in as a feature request. :smile:

I would like to see a feature voting section of the forum. @Ben

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I agree and I think we should have a “moderated” forum here in the community for this. The reason I say moderated is so that people don’t post questions to threads in it. It should remain “as clean as possible” to make it easy for everyone. There are also other tools out there which can maintain this list and allow for voting.