Smartthings app crashing on S10 and Tab 6

Hi everyone,
been using smartthings happily for many years and many devices and automations.
Running latest version of app - but it crashes shortly after opening on both of my android devices.
I get
"SmartThings keeps stopping
App info
Close app
Send feedback

Currently unusable which is a big problem as I use it for home security monitoring.
Hub is on latest firmware.

I’ve checked the web portal and can’t see any error messages in there.

I suspect one of my automations or scenes is causing a problem, but no idea how to debug.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,


@cmj01 - you might be facing this issue:

FWIW, I have a Samsung S-10 + and its running fine there. I would make sure that yo have the latest OS updates if the fix from @GSzabados doesn’t work.

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My s10+ doesn’t seem to be a problem. I have seen the behavior on my Tab 6.

Thanks everyone.
Have set Android Web Viewer back to old version.
Have uninstalled and reinstalled SmartThings.
And still the same error unfortunately.
Have sent logs to Samsung support but don’t hold much hope.
Must be something specific about my setup the app doesn’t like.

Does anyone know if you can put any level of debugging on an app to get any clues as to what might be going wrong?

Many thanks,


My U.S. WiFi version of the Tab S6 is running SmartThings just fine after they updated the Google Android WebView. The old version of Android WebView was causing a lot of Android apps, not just SmartThings, to crash. Once they updated it and I installed it, I then rebooted the Tab S6 and everything was resolved.

I’m having same issue. Started about a week ago. Any luck resolving?

I sent logs to support who have been very good and apparently found the problem and will fix in a future release.

Just ironic smartthings app works better and faster on an old OnePlus phone than on two flagship Samsung devices!

I’m in contact with them. Where are the log files? I looked on internal storage/download/ smartthings as it says on their site but it doesn’t exist. There is a folder internal storage/smartthings but it’s empty.