Android 2.4.1 - Release Notes

(Kyle LeNeau) #1

Today we released a new version of Android 2.4.1 that just fixes a few bugs we have seen from the recent 2.4.0 release. Notable improvements and fixes include:

  • Fixes reported login issues in the UK
  • Fixes a crash seen when editing wallpapers for the dashboard

Detailed notes include:

  • Fix for blocking main thread when backgrounding the app (MOB-3111)
  • Fixed to use a dynamic url to refresh tokens after reopening app (MOB-3113)
  • Fixed a failure with Revoke API with Samsung account SDK in EU (MOB-3112)
  • Fix OutOfMemoryError crashes when selecting a Dashboard wallpaper on some devices (MOB-3040)
  • Fix crash when backgrounding the splash screen too quickly and returning to the app (MOB-2979)
  • Fix permanent gray wallpaper for some devices (MOB-3017)
  • Check for null ActionBar in DeviceConnectFragment (MOB-3023)
  • Fix when onCreateOptionsMenu is called when forcing portrait orientation on smaller devices (MOB-3021, MOB-3022)
  • Fix crash when canceling favorite drag (MOB-3024)
  • Fix crash when WallpaperManager loads before user’s UUID is persisted (MOB-3017)

(Mark) #2

Thanks for the release!

Seems like Dynamic Pages are still broken! This is pretty poor and a huge inconvenience Especially as this has happened before, was fixed and then broken again :anguished:

It was reported by @RBoy here

[RELEASE] Open/Close Door/Window/Switch/Lock/Valve/Shade Notification and Actions on Mode Change
(Hendre) #3

This version (as was the case with the previous version), crashes when the settings pages of some devices are accessed when they show as being offline. With some devices, one is able to access the settings and after touching “done”, it often causes the device to connect to the hub. But with others, it causes the app to crash. (Galaxy S8)

(Jason) #4

Can you enter a feature request for me? I would like to be able to move the SHM on the dashboard to the top. Right now all of my favorites have pushed the SHM way down to the bottom so I have to scroll thru all of my favorites to see the security. It would be much better if I had the option to move that to the top, just like when you rearrange the icons.

(Kyle LeNeau) #5

Yep, already being tracked and planned =)

(Jason) #6

Thank you, much appreciated.

(Kevin) #7

You guys finally fixed all the tile font related issues and then this version completely screws them up again…

The Things screen frequently crashes in this version too. Most of the time I get that retry error, but other times the mobile app just closes and then continues to close every time I try to open it. The only way to get back into it is to go into the device application management and clear the mobile app’s cache and data.

This problem might have started in version 2.4.

Update: I went through my other devices and it looks like it was only one of my devices that had the font issue.

I wrote the DTH for that device and after reviewing the code it appears to be caused by not including a space before line breaks which is a bug someone else already reported on the 2.4 thread.

Changing lines like:



label:'No \nMotion

fixes the font problem.

Update 2:

In the last 2 hours I’ve ran into the problem, with the mobile app immediately closing every time I open it, 3 times.

I tried restarting the phone to see if that would fix it and it didn’t so the only way to get the application to open is to clear the data and then log into it again.

The phone is an LG G5 and I have over 100 devices…

(system) #8

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