Android 2.3.8 Release Notes

(Kyle LeNeau) #1

SmartThings Android 2.3.8 a few key fixes for performance and enhanced stability.

  • Addressed battery drain issue reported by users.

Please report your experiences here with the new version. We have been monitoring this issue for the past few days internally as well.

(Alwas) #2

I’m not able to access CoRE via the smartapps section, I get a new page I haven’t seen before, an exclamation mark and “Something’s wrong” “We can’t load your screen right now”, is this a new feature?


Im noticing a slight improvement with performance when loading the app and switching between tabs, good work guys! Everything looks better too, all my devices have the optimal font size and icon size.

(Ray) #4

So seeing this 2 screen shots. I see version 2.3.8 but the top talking about 2.3.5 can you explain please?

Edit: Not usable on Android pixel 7.1 with ST 2.3.7 and this 2.3.8 still. The app crashed on almost every other click on any device.

(Luke - Backend Engineer) #5

@ady624 just merged a patch into CoRE which should resolve this issue :slight_smile: Feel free to reach out to me if you are still experiencing issues.

(Kevin) #6

This version breaks Smart Lighting.

I get that Something’s Wrong message when I try to open or create a new lighting automation.

I wasn’t experiencing any problems until I upgraded to this version.


Same here.

Edit: fixed

( I hate Mondays) #8

Oh boy… :frowning:

(Anthony S.) #9

I just don’t understand what’s so hard about fixing the font scaling in device tiles.


Confirmation of Smart Lighting above. I have a few Automations setup under Smart Lighting and when pressing in any of them Oops Something Wrong! I also noticed the two blank lines under the Smart Lighting Automations screenshot above. I have 2 blank entries on mine as well. Fun day. I swore I was going to wait until 2.3.9 to manually update from 2.3.5. LMFAO Shame on me!

(Kevin) #11

It appears to be working now…

(Not Dexter) #12

No problems on my Nexus 6P running 7.1.2.


They made modifications to it because Smart Lighting is working again. Winder how many other apps will have this issue.

(Brad) #14

The Smart Lighting issue was independent of the mobile app release.


State of devices in the things overview still gets stuck.

@tonesto7 do you use the Thermostat multiattribute tile for your Nest devices? I dont have a Nest thermostat, but the Thermostat multiattribute tile is broken for my thermostats. Same with Nest on Android?

(Melinda Little) #16

Same here. Device state in things not updating. If I kill the app and restart, it updates, but not sure for how long. Will tty to keep an eye on it today.

(Anthony S.) #17

Here is a screenshot of my thermostat device

It looks the same on iOS and android


Thank you, I’m missing the “cooling/heating to” on two different thermostats dth. It only appears when I make a change, but when I go back and in to the device, it’s gone again, can’t find out why. IOS is fine though

(David S) #19

What’s the status of the scanning the Wifi network and adding everything found “feature”? I haven’t updated since it was implemented and have not been following the discussion on it. Has it been dialed back yet or do I need to keep waiting to update?

(system) #20

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