Android 10 update issues......solved?

Android 10 pushed out to my note 9 today. Were all the issues solved ? Downloaded new update. Waiting to install.

Issues with what? Don’t you think that your description and question is a bit weak of content?

Maybe if you would give some details then you can expect that someone could give you some useful answer.

-Otherwise, yeah all fixed, and as an addition, even new ones have been introduced just to keep everyone entertained. :laughing:


Such as from 2019…Overnight my Google Pixel mobile updated to Android 10 and now the new Smartthings app just continually says “Connecting to server. Please wait…”.

The Classic app still works.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reconnecting my account to it, no change.

Anyone else having issues?"

As better description of my concerns…

Any blocker type apps installed such as AdGuard?

smartthings (old & new) has been fine on my Pixel 2Xl since I got the 10 update

same here. Pixel 2XL on 10 and while I did have to do the phone reboot after ST updated, it’s been fine for me. I’ve dropped the classic app since I barely used it, and my setups are simple enough and early enough in my projects it wasn’t a big deal for me.

I have been on 10 (Pixel 2XL) for quite some time. The 2 issues I find are “Server conection” is always a problem even though my phone has given ST the right to run at full tilt regardless of battery and all the perrmissions it wants. Presence has also been crap and I have tried every suggestion here. I never arrive for at least 5 minutes or more and most days my phone says it’s at home all day even though it’s at work wirh me. I am back to using ST presence sensors in the vehicles; Life360 works well too.

Thanks for the comments…time to update tonight.