IOS 1.7.2 just showed up as an update

(Megan) #1

Just popped up in my updates, here is hoping it fixes things. All it says is bug fixes, can we get a more detailed explanation of the bugs fixed?


Release notes should be coming soon, but the fixes were targeted towards mobile presence, users opening the app and not seeing their Dashboard, and crashes related to device pairing.

(Jack) #3

Thanks! @Tyler, do you know if this addresses the sudden degradation in presence sensor accuracy also? I know some folks have had issues with it, but up until 1.7.1 it was flawless for me.

(Andy) #4

Why can’t we get good release notes in the app store? I know some of these issues are critical for a number of users so pushing it out asap is important, but shouldn’t changes be know as you’re submitting the update to Apple or Google? Taking 2 minutes to clean up the release notes to be customer facing isn’t a huge ask and not doing it seems lazy, on top of that you folks are missing a chance to reenergize the customers who have been beaten down by these bugs, they can get excited that a fix has arrived. On the flipside, if this update didn’t fix these bugs people could get excited and then crushed when it didn’t.

Clear, concise communication to users is important but even more so in this case when you have a small dedicated, and vocal user base.


Couldn’t agree more. I’ll pass the feedback along.


The SmartSense Presence sensor? The mobile apps can’t change functionality with devices. If you’re having issues with your physical presence sensor please email

If you mean Mobile Presence, then yes, this should address recent reports of inaccurate geolocation.

(Bernie H) #7

Well my wifes Iphone finally shows she is not home with the update. Will know later if it picks her up coming home.

(Ryan) #8

My wife works 2 KM from our home. I was getting 20 alerts a day of “Away, I’m Back”… So far (1 hour) no alerts after the update… Fingers crossed!

(April Wong) #9

(Bernie H) #10

Well presence didn’t work when the wife got home. Opened up the app then it saw she was home. Ugh We will see tomorrow how it goes.

(Eric Cirone) #11

Didn’t work for me either. :pensive:

(Jack) #12

Same here. No notifications when I crossed the geofence with the app closed. I opened the app and then it recognized that I was home. Bummer.

(Megan) #13

Presence on our iPhone has actually gotten worse.

(Bernie H) #14

Yea Iphone presence still not working on new app. Wife left at 6am. Still shows her at home.

(fightingmajor) #15

Same here, this update did not fix anything that 1.7.1 broke.

(April Wong) #16

thanks for your feedback. I’ll let the mobile team know.

(sd ) #17

Same here… The update did not fix the problem. Updated the support as well


These are the details I just sent to support:

The iPhone app 1.7.2 update yesterday did not fix the mobile presence issue. Both my wife and I use iPhone 6+. Mobile presence detection with depart/arrive push notifications worked fine on both phones before the app update a week ago.

My home geo-fence distance is set for about 900 feet. Since the new 1.7.2 update did not fix the problem, I have tried all of the following: closing the app on both phones, rebooting both phones, changing the size of the geo-fence, updating both phones to Apple iOS 8.3, and rebooting the hub. In spite of that, mobile presence did not work when my wife left this morning. The app still says her phone is present when it is actually over 10 miles away.

(Megan) #19

so really messed up thing just happened. I was at home in the office working, when all the light went out. ST went into away mode because it has just decided that my SO’s phone was gone (had been gone since 7am) and mine had not come home yet (Been home well over an hour). I had had STs open to unlock the door when I got home. Once I did “hello home” from ActiON to turn the light back on ST saw my phone was home


My iPhone mobile presence issue might be resolved. After trying everything in my prior post, Support suggested: “…try logging out of the App (Left menu drawer -> My Account -> Log Out), uninstalling and re-installing the SmartThings Mobile App … This should force an update of the phone’s device network identifier.”

I did this last night, with the additional paranoid step of rebooting both phones between the uninstall and re-install steps. When both phones exited and re-entered the geo-fence today, the events were successfully detected. This is a limited set of data points, but basically the first time mobile presence has worked since the 1.7.1 release broke it. The 1.7.2 release did not resolve my mobile presence issue but uninstall/re-install may have done the trick.

I updated Support and am posting here in case this helps someone else.