An Update Regarding our Hardware

Australia has pre-orders live now

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Never got a code for a discounted hub. What a sham Samsung has been… Can they do anything right? I have like 5 emails from them about how my older hub at my rental property is being made obsolete and that I have a discounted model waiting on me, but never sent me the stupid discount code!!!

Does anyone know if Aeotec have plans to make the arrival sensors?

Also, the ‘play sound’ option in the app hasn’t worked since we were forced over to the new app, there’s some old posts about it on the forum but never resolved.

It’s not on the list of devices that they’ve announced. :disappointed_relieved:

I’m not optimistic but I don’t know. They were always a bit thin on the ground in the UK.

The ‘play sound’ option works fine for me. It stopped working via the mobile app (but not via legacy apps) for a while but was fixed some time ago.

Actually I’ll qualify that, it doesn’t seem to be offered as an action in Automations or Scenes, which is unfortunate, but manual control from the app works.

That’s annoying, was hoping I wasn’t alone. I’ve removed and re-added them a few times now. Definitely used to work with the legacy app and webcore, but works on nothing now.

I actually have a 3rd sensor in the house somewhere and really want to find it before the battery dies lol. Still sowing online with 37% battery.

I noticed last night that I had OTA firmware updates disabled, so have enabled that now to see if it helps. I tried clicking the firmware ‘check now’ option in the IDE device page but besides saying ‘Checking for firmware update’ in the green bar at the top of the page, nothing ever reports back. (tried waking the device at the same time also).

:disappointed_relieved: indeed… I know lots of people hate them but they are a critical trigger / conditions for tonnes of my automations. I’ve never understood why other manufacturers haven’t copied it.

Most other platforms use Bluetooth with either the phone, a tracker, or an IBeacon. Any of the three can work well for this purpose, it just depends on the details. :sunglasses:

Same thing happened to me, but you can get it from support (with a little patience): Message using the email associated with the hub. Explain that you never got the code. Include a picture of the v1 hub (including back cover). It will take some back-and-forth, but you will eventually get your code.

Sure, lots of ways to skin a cat, I also use iOS shortcuts to trigger webCoRE on arrival to my geofence, but I really like the fobs non-reliance on having my phone turned on. Lets just hope Aeotec licence and produce them one day, as mine wont last for ever.

I think I’ll just email support as the arrival sensor devices are (or at least were) an officially supported device.

Never had much joy with iBeacons, the one I have (tiny usb fob thing) needed the phone to be within 5-10cm (2-4 inches) to trigger anything, perhaps I just purchased the wrong thing? I changed the various settings to max but the catch radius was unchanged.

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If you have an iPhone, IBeacons work quite well, but that’s a topic for another thread. :sunglasses:

Most “receiving station” apps can recognize 3 distances, which are really measures of signal strength, but work out to approximately:

Immediate: about 3 cm

Near: about 3 m

Far: Max range, typically about 12 m

And can also use Region detection where multiple IBeacons are used to define a larger area.

For one use case, I use Near to detect when I get to the end of the wheelchair ramp at my front door.

But it all depends on which app you use with them.

Here is a recent discussion:

Beacons+iOS+SmartThings (UK) presence (2020)


I missed the earlier announcements about my v1 hub been deprecated, and unfortunately with not long to go now, it looks like the replacement Aeotec one is nowhere to be found (not sold on Amazon, and not available until mid July on Anyone know where I can get one without any price markup?

Oh, and I also never received a discount code either - but right now I just want to get a new hub that’s going to work!

What country are you in? You have to get the right model for your region or the Z Wave won’t work.

The Aeotec hub is sold on Amazon in the UK.


In the US, The Smartest House is an official distribution partner:


Has a partner been found for the Samsung WiFi Mesh hub? (Model ET-WV525KWEGUS)

I notice it has not been included in the list of devices that Aeotec is going to sell. :thinking:

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Tagging @Automated_House

My guess it will be a one and done product. Only my opinion… nothing to back it up. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t seen any evidence it was picked up by anybody.

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I don’t care if they sell it anymore. They don’t sell the V2 hub and it still gets updates. Just tell us if it is still supported or not. If not I will consider buying a V3. But the lack of communication is unacceptable and has really made me tire of SmartThings.

Publish. Roadmaps.


I think you got your answer by the absence of an answer. Sounds like it’s a dead product line for whatever reason. Sorry. :frowning_face:


I have the same question.

I purchased the V2 hub for the mesh network capabilities along with the ST’s Hub integration and have been satisfied so far. I have had the stuff installed for about 2 years and the only issues that I have seen are red lights on the hubs twice in the last 6 months. Rebooted and they are up and running.

I have a few devices in the house - lights, water sensors, TV’s, Washer Dryer combo, most of which are not Samsung. (Phillips Hue, GE, Sonos).

I want to extend my mesh network for Wi-Fi connectivity and need another hub. I ordered one on Amazon and got put on a wait list, but now understand that the Hub will never come :frowning: .
For short term I’m going to purchase on on eBay, but, for future what should I expect?

Should I look to separate my Mesh Network and ST Hub now and if so, what product do people recommend?



Sorry, I’m confused.

The V2 hub was not a Wi-Fi mesh hub, in fact it didn’t even have a Wi-Fi radio. model number STH-ETH-200 or STH-ETH-250.

The V3 hub does have a Wi-Fi radio, but it does not participate in a Wi-Fi mesh network. Model number GP-U999SJVLGDA or STH-ETH-300.

The hub that was also a Wi-Fi mesh router was either the original Samsung Connect, model number ET-WV520 or ET-WV530 or its replacement, SmartThings WiFi Hub with plume, model number ET-WV525KWEG.

These models are not interchangeable, and the regular V2 and V3 models of the hub will not join a Wi-Fi mesh network established by the two Wi-Fi router models.

So I’m not sure what you have and what you want. But in any case, that would be off-topic for this thread, so why don’t you start a new thread in the following section of the forum and ask your question there? Then you should get several suggested options depending on exactly what you’re looking for. :sunglasses:


I’m also confused. Both Z-wave and ZigBee are mesh networks. I suspect that by “mesh network” you are referring to a WiFi mesh network but it’s not clear.

If you have the SmartThings hub model that doubles as a WiFi mesh system, I would get rid of it. If you’re looking to acquire the model of SmartThings hub that functions as both a Z-wave/ZigBee hub and a WiFi mesh, I would not.

The models of SmartThings hub that also function as WiFi mesh are not currently being manufactured and have been very slow to get any firmware updates. The only current SmartThings hub is being manufactured by Aeotec.