Interesting review of the HE C8

Looks good… Also z-wave LR is enabled.

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Yep. If people were thinking about using hubitat as a host for Webcore and combining it with their smartthings account, this is a really interesting option now.

Or if they have a galaxy device and want to use the new smartthings station because of the cool galaxy features, but also want to add some Z wave, this would be an interesting option for that. Because this is latest release Z wave, for sure.

BTW, I found it fascinating that over in the hubitat forum the initial posters were all saying they didn’t really care about zwave 800.

I’m like, Say what? Zwave 800 is amaaaazing. :heart_eyes:. But of course I am an engineer. LOL!

I wrote the following in another thread:

Wow! First zwave 800 hub I’ve seen on the market. Plus first hubitat announcement I’ve seen on future Thread/Matter capability. Plus

free migration tool allows current Hubitat Elevation Model C-5 and Model C-7 owners to transfer all of their automations and Z-Wave and Zigbee devices to the new Model C-8 with just a few clicks. Our Hub Protect subscription service will now support backup and restore of Zigbee radio as well as Z-Wave radio and then entire user setup for C-8.

Put it all together and that’s a hardware-first design with definite power user specs.

I wonder if the next Aeotec/ST hub will jump straight to zwave 800 or go to zwave 700 first? Like the v3, it’s zwave 500 now, which is starting to feel dated for zwave.

Spec comparison for zwave 500 vs 800:

Silicon Labs Community

Software first: “What can we make it do?”
Hardware first: “What can it do efficiently in a production environment?”


And on top of that z-wave LR is turned on on the chip itself. It should be officially implanted during the 2.3.5 software cycle

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SmartThings circa 2018 all over again: the hub now has wifi! :stuck_out_tongue:

It will definitely appeal to a lot of people, except maybe those that recently bought a C7. Honestly surprised they are going down the Matter path now that they added (unofficial) HomeKit support. The specs and features are impressive!

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It’s going to be a marketing requirement in the future if matter really takes off. You’ll need that matter logo.

Plus, they needed to add thread, and once you add thread, you might as well add matter.


The ease of migration from the C5/C7 series of hubs to the C8 is another really great feature. Not having to re-pair any of one’s Zigbee or Z-Wave devices is wonderful, as well as maintaining all of one’s automations/rules/pistons. :wink:


On the otherhand they are going for full certification

Except that a hardwired lan connection will always be better :slight_smile:

It was always planned. They’ve been part of the matter consortium for a while. They’ll also be adding thread. Also z-wave LR is enabled on the C8.


I ordered one.

I already had to move my lights and related rules back to Hubitat due to a “known” issue with the RTC on the V3/Aeotec hubs that has bitten me several times now following power outages over the last year.

Still keeping SmartThings in the mix as well.


Me personally, i might just invest in one. Could handle zwave & the old software for daikin ductless units was ported over to hubitat. Im not sure if samsung is ever gonna get their act together so this is a good future proof move.

With the tools/drivers that @csstup and @Bloodtick_Jones have created, you can combine the strengths of both systems to create a very powerful home automation setup.


The other cool thing is that Not only can you easily migrate from one hub to another. Both z-wave and zigbee radios are included so absolutely no re pairing is needed.


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