Ambi Climate Integration

I was recently searching github got Ambi Climate API integrations and stumbled upon two. One for smartthings and one for homebridge.

Has anyone had luck with either? The smartthings one seems to no longer work :frowning:

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took a quick look also and no luck with the smarrthings version - but would be keen to see this working and happy to help test with the units I have, too

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It appears that it is currently using the unofficial API prior to the official release. I cannot seem to find contact information for the individual that built it.

I am tempted to try the HomeKit plugin even though my main device is Android.

Ambi has a version 2.0 on kickstarter right now… one of the stretch goals is SmartThings integration:

We may have reached our “goal”, but we have so many ideas up our sleeves that we have to keep going so that we can deliver them. Yes - that means Stretch Goals!!!

  1. If you help us reach HK$780,000 you’ll be able to enjoy “Comfort With Flying Colors” - an option to pick the color for the LED light of your Ambi Climate 2nd Edition, according to your home & mood.
  1. If you help us reach HK$1,170,000 we’ll get going on “Connected Everything” - various smart home integrations such as Homebridge & SmartThings. We know this is a hot topic and we’ll make sure to run a special survey to find out the top integrations on your wishlist!
  1. Finally, if you help us reach HK$1,560,000 we’ll introduce “One For All” - a multi-user comfort model which will track who’s at home via GPS and provide combined comfort for all the members - essentially means no more fights about the AC!

Well, it says they will run a special survey… not that Smartthings integration will be built.

The survey is up… even though they state that homekit integration is unlikely due to technical reasons, currently it is the highest voted integration, followed by google home, then smartthings:

Take the Survey:


I’m surprised Google Home is on the list considering it is pretty easy to setup with IFTTT. You don’t even have to use the word trigger like you do with Alexa and IFTTT.

Any news about Ambi Climate 2 integration ?

I switched to the Sensibo 2nd generation controller due to the lack of ST support for the Ambiclimate (and which seems will never happen). The Second Generation Sensibo is substantially better than the first one (which I also have) and although Sensibo can’t do Ambiclimate’s “climate control”, the excellent DH produced by @Brutalboy for the Sensibo makes it a much better choice at the moment. Ambiclimate’s “climate control” is in any event not that good. With Sensibo and WebCore, I can, in any event, do things that are more important to me, like turning AC’s on if the room temperature rises above a preset maximum; turn the AC in a room off if the lights are turned off; check that all AC’s are off when putting my home to sleep when leaving for an extended period.
I have yet to experiment if I’m able to adjust the temperature and/or mode (cooling vs heating) of the aircon with webCore, depending on the room conditions. If one is able to do that with webCore, it will be able to do the same (and more) as far as climate control is concerned as what the Ambiclimate is supposed to do.

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Hi there
Anyone willing to work on Ambi climate 2 integration (unfortunately I am no tech). Looks like the have an API now.
Would be great !