Amazon Prime Day - July 15-16, 2019

Prehaps the bundle has a different sku so the discount may not be linked to it.

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Hopefully we see some discounts on Z-Wave/ZigBee products.

I hope they have the Echo Sub on sale. They add a nice little umph to the Echos.

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Ring products

Some GE switches are 15% off both Zigbee and Zwave. Lowes also has these on sale for $31. There are some Zooz switches on sale too.


Thirdreality zigbee smart switch cover, 2nd generation, $19.99 each for prime day. That’s half off. :sunglasses:

Battery operated, no wiring. This physically toggles the dumb switch underneath. Works well with Echo plus or SmartThings. If you Connect it directly to echo plus, you get local voice control with Alexa.

I have one of these connected directly to an echo show 2nd generation as my “plan C,” so I have local voice control of one hall light even if internet is out. Works well for that purpose.

The product description says it needs its own hub. It doesn’t. You can use either smartthings or an echo device that has a zigbee hub inside.

There’s no cloud component, so these will still work even if the company withdraws support, it’s just a zigbee switch. :sunglasses:

I agree with the manufacturer description:

Compare with Gen1, it is simple and clean, quieter and thinner. Better on connection range and lower on battery consumption.

But it is still noisy—you will hear the motor running as it moves the switch. Not terrible, but it would wake the baby for sure.


Sonos one (gen 2) plus $50 amazon gift card $179

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Looks like all TP Link Kasa devices are on sale. I ordered an RGBW bulb for $21 mainly to test with SmartThings.

Amazon smart plug for $5 when ordered by shop with Alexa. FYI, this product does not connect directly to ST.

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There are a few Philips hue lights on sale but nothing too exciting at the moment

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Sengled bulbs

No link, just search sengled at Amazon

Several limited time deals on lifx

No link, just search lifx at Amazon