Amazon Prime Day - July 15-16, 2019

There are a few Philips hue lights on sale but nothing too exciting at the moment

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Sengled bulbs

No link, just search sengled at Amazon

Several limited time deals on lifx

No link, just search lifx at Amazon

I have the first gen… once or twice a week it loses synch with my ST hub so I will have to tell alexa to turn on for off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… sometimes I am lazy and I just leave it be and it will get back in synch. You are right about the motor sound, our dog’s ears twitches each time she hears the motorized sound and the click after.

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Switchbot, the robot button pusher, Has a prime day coupon at 30% off on both the hub (which you will need to get IFTTT, which is how you do smartthings integration). So that brings the price of the button down to about $20 and the price of the hub down to $34. Buttons come in black or white.

There’s a glitch in the coupon and it will only apply to one button in an order. So if you want more than one button, you have to place a separate order for each one in order to get the coupon discount. You could order the hub and one button in a single order and get the coupon discount on each. So just check the subtotal before you check out to make sure you got the coupon discounts you expected.

I just posted a review of the 2019 version of the SwitchBot in the following thread:

2019 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT

And the Amazon offer:

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Looks like a Gen 2 to me! Exactly what I’ve been waiting for, thanks!

August Smart Lock Pro with Connect Bridge. Will work with smartthings via zwave and with Echo. Deal of the day price $165, which is really good. :sunglasses:

If you’re not familiar with this Lock, read up on it first. This is a retrofit, there’s a piece that goes over the turnbolt on the interior side of the door. Nothing shows on the outside, so there’s no keypad. If you want the keypad you have to add an additional device.

which one you recommend for Yale or this?

Any open/close sensors folks have run across during the Amazon sale?

Sengled open/close are 25% off at check out, so $26 for two

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Are these fairly reliable? Does it matter that I will have Iris, Smarthings, Monprice and now these?

I’ve never personally used them. They’re a zigbee contact sensor, so i’d imagine if you’re Iris and SsartThings sensors are reliable, then these will be too.

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If you don’t use their hub and use either the ST or Echo Plus, how does low battery reporting work? Reading the q&a it looks like the switch doesn’t work if battery dies.

So much for the surveillance economy lol.

Zooz zen 25 double pocket socket, z wave plus, $27.96

Zen 21 wall switch, Same deal:

Yale Assure zwave Lock prime deal $153. That’s a very good price.

Sonoff two pack, $11.19, another very good price. Note that these require quite a bit of technical set up to work with SmartThings, so research the community first if you are not already familiar with them.

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The site says you save an additional 25% at checkout

On the fence between the Echo Show and regular Echo… only thing I can think of using the Show for is viewing my Wyze cams that are pointed out the window.