Amazon Prime Day 2016

Any Harmony that has the Hub. The one I linked above, for example.

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Does anybody know how to order thru Alexa but not using(don’t have one) Echo?

I think you’re right, that won’t be possible because I don’t think there is a way to enter the code via Alexa.

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Download Alexa Listens

Unless you can intercept the Alexa order in the cart?!

still cant buy the ecobee with alexa listens

Grabbed another Ecobee3 wish I had not just grabbed one 2 weeks ago for $199 at HD. I still have 1 $100 Nstar rebate available for the year so that brings it down to $69. Figured for $50 I would give the Automatic OBD scanner a try. Who doesn’t need another Xbox controller for $25 ?
Still debating the Hue2 with color bulbs. Not sure I really need more mood lighting, I still have a stack of Lightify cans I haven’t installed not to mention the 2 stacks of Hue strips. Since I don’t have a single Apple device in the house I really see no need for V2 hub.

Got another echo for $100 with the visa30 and my amazon visa card, it combined with the lightning deal. Some dude got it for $70 by trying to order through alexa then canceling, but I couldn’t get that to work.

But hey ST outlets for $41…yay…or something…

how do you buy it… i dont have amazon echo…?

Lightning deal for the ST Outlet at $41. You can only claim 1, though.

You can try the old trick of ordering through Alexa or Fire Tv app. Not sure if they closed that loophole or not.

Haven’t they been " on sale" 20% off for $41.99 for a while already ?


Agree. I had the same idea but no way to add code. Maybe call Visa after the sale see if you can add it.

The echo? Just normal online order, it’s $130 long as you are logged in, then the visa30 code if you have the Amazon visa. No echo needed unless you want to try for the additional discount, which is probably a bug anyway.

Oh yeah, for this, you can live chat with Amazon and they will probably add it, though if not, you’d have to cancel and then it may not let you try again. I just ordered a $20 microsd card I needed with alexa for the $10 off.

Yeah, like the eneloop super power pack on a lightning deal at $43.99 - I remember buying that at that price or lower before…

I think they price matched while ST had them at that price as well. Then it went back for the usual price and now it is back again.

2 years ago it was a buck cheaper I think, great deal though, those are excellent batteries.

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Same here :frowning:

There’s a $10 credit for buying a $50 amazon Gift Card (limit 1).

So if anyone is trying to get up to $150 to use the $30 off with the Amazon Visa, that might help you out.

This Philips Hue starter kit is actually $75 if you order through Alexa because of the additional 25% Prime Day Deal discount on top of the Alexa discounts.

It’s not obvious because the Alexa promo page does not mention the Prime Day Deal discount but here’s how the discounts worked out for me with same day delivery option:

Order Summary
Item(s) Subtotal: $199.99
Shipping & Handling: $5.99
Free Shipping: -$5.99
Prime Savings: -$50.00
Alexa on Prime Day: -$64.99
Alexa on Prime Day: -$10.00
Total before tax: $75.00
Estimated tax to be collected: $6.56
Grand Total: $81.56

The Prime Day Deal 25% off is mentioned right under the regular price.

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