Amazon Prime Day 2016

I just want to try it for the Echo integration " Alexa where’s her car " LOL.

I already have 3 OBD scanners ranging from cheap one that connects to phone/tablet for digital dashboard and quick check engine light reset to the Scantool that actually plugs into laptop and I can reprogram the car computer.

How the hell did you get the -$64.99 Discount?

I used Alexa and only got a $14.99 discount on top of the $10.00 discount for first Alexa purchase.

The 25% off is the $50 off Prime discount.

Here is my invoice:

Item(s) Subtotal: $199.99
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Prime Savings: -$50.00
Alexa on Prime Day: -$10.00
Alexa on Prime Day: -$14.99
Total before tax: $125.00
Sales Tax: $11.09
Total for This Shipment: $136.09

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You would use the harmony hub extender instead of smartthings. Not with SmartThings. For example, a zigbee device can have only one coordinator, so a motion sensor would have to belong to the harmony hub extender or to SmartThings, not both.

In addition, the harmony hub extender is really limited in what it can do.

It’s a good choice for someone who just wants to add motion sensors to their AV set up (and doesn’t have SmartThings), but otherwise it’s pretty useless.

You can find more discussion in the forums if you’re interested. But basically the harmony hub extender just gives you on/off control of a few specific device classes, it won’t play nice with SmartThings, and if you have SmartThings you won’t need it.


I didn’t do anything special.

Enabled voice purchasing via Alexa app then ordered this Philips Hue starter kit using Alexa a few minutes after midnight pacific time when the Prime Day started.

As some have said this “double” discount may have been a bug so still TBD on whether Amazon will actually ship this product at this price.


Probably the best Android TV device out there.

Sorry for the spam, my browser is spazzing. Anywayz, I was thinking that maybe it worked on your case because it’s acting like an extension of your Echo? I don’t really own one so that’s probably why it wasn’t working for me. All good now, I just needed one item and got a friend to order it for me.

As for your GE switches, there i see a few of them listed here. Might be worth checking out :slight_smile:

If you are quick enough, you can edit your Alexa orders ship speed to " no rush" 5-7 days and get the $1 digital code to use later on music or movies too. Using my no rush credits I just got Eugene Ceman’s Last man on the moon documentary/biography for $1.99 .
I am surprised Amazon hasn’t caught on that I always order 1 item at a time ( unless they are add-on items) and stack up the $1 credits. They just put them all in 1 shipment and I get $5-$6 off on music and movies .


I always thought it only allowed one credit per transaction. I’ll have to start doing this.

It does but if you order 6 different things on 6 different transactions within 20 minutes chances are they still will ship it in the same box.

Unless you meant 1 $1 credit per order in which case no…you can use whatever you have saved up. You got 20 individual $1 credits then that’s $20 off.

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I just had coffee grinder I ordered Friday , dog treats I ordered Sat and my monthly auto restock of coffee due on 18th all arrive in the same box this am.

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I hope ‘her’ car is not the same make and model as ‘his’ car. You cannot change the name Alexa pulls from Automatic. Yeah, we do have the same cars, just 3 years apart and Echo is useless for me. Oh and the ignition on/off in certain area is a hit and miss. And here are the two reasons I purchased mine…

LOL I was initially tempted to try one of these, then I started hearing stuff like this, even at $55, not worth trying. Thank you for confirming my theories!

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You have the V1 or V2 ? From what I found in my quick research a lot of issues were fixed with V2

Yeah, I wouldn’t buy them at 55 either, and there were folks that warned me here and didn’t listen. That will teach me! At least I still get a chuckle every time my wife drives. She wouldn’t allow me to touch her baby, as you might imagine for reasons related to ‘Home Automation’, so after I plugged the Automatic in her car she started saying. Did you hear that? I really don’t like this new car that tells me how to drive. Every time I accelerate beeps at me. I need to stop pushing it that hard. Sure you do darling!


I have the v2, but is still not fully backed. And it comes with a catch 22. You can let automatic ‘manage’ your bluetooh, but that means no battery or manage your own bluetooth and that means no automatic. Among other issues…

If you are looking for a way to control those RGB LEDs you buy cheap from amazon!


Emerwave z-wave plus in wall relay module


Don’t forget about the Automatic integration with SmartThings

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Nice! :sunglasses:

That’s the zwave plus dual model, and works well with smartthings with the following DTH:

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Man, I wanted to get one of these, the new version. But it’s not as cheap as the monoprice ones when they are on sale. I only need 1 more that I hadn’t planned on, maybe, just maybe…

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