Amazon Echo $129.99 today ONLY at Best Buy

I just wanted to share that the Echo is $129 and the Tap $79 today at BestBuy.Com

I got mine and the melee starts.

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OK, so what’s up:

  • DOT is out of stock at Amazon, apparently forever
  • Echo is available for $50 off at Bed Bath & Beyond, AND Best Buy
  • Tap also $50 off at both places

If I had to guess, the Echo line is about to be upgraded, and Amazon is selling off the current generation (but only through indirect channels - still has them at full price).

You might want to wait…jus’ sayin’


Lowes also has most of these items on sale, as mentioned in another post. It’s my birthday, and I want to start building out my smart home upstairs too, so I swung over to Best Buy, as my Lowes was out of stock, and I didn’t feel like driving 50 minutes round trip to save $15 with the RenovoPower code.

I’m that guy that buys last years model off the dealer lot at some savings :sunglasses:

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