Community member FS/WTB/WTT Thread

Have (all new in box) :

GE Outdoor Modules
Wink Hub
GE Carport Controller
3 TB Seagate External HD
2 TB Western Digital Mycloud External HD


Philips Hue devices
Other Offers

Please PM me if interested in anything above.


Have the following items for trade:
Iris Security Alarm Keypad
Keen Smart Vents (12x4, 10x4, 12x6, 10x6)
Iris Contact Sensors (Gen2)
Iris Contact Sensors (Gen1)
Iris Hub
Quirky Smart Switch (Wink)
iDevices Switch
GE Z-wave Plugin Smart Switch
Iris Smart Plug (Gen2)
GE Z-wave Rocker Add-on Switch
Hue Bloom Lights
GoControl Essentials Security System Kit
GoControl Premium Security System Kit

Interested in trades for 4" LED down-lights, GE Rocker On/Off Switches, Cooper Dimmers. Hue Strips, Gadget electronics or tools are welcomed as well.

5-7 of the Wink Hubs that come with the GE bulb kit
Iris Gen1 Keypad
Iris Gen1 Contact Sensors (2)
Iris Gen2 Contact Sensors (2)

Looking for:
GE Switches
GE Plugs
GoControl Premium Security System Kit

I’ve got some leftover GE clamshell rocker switches, which are great because they require no neutral wire. All in their unopened packages from clearing out my local Lowe’s.

3 GE Three Way On-Off Kits (45638)
1 GE Duplex Receptacle (45636)
1 GE On/Off Switch (45637)

Interested in:
Motion detectors, on/off plug-ins and a siren. Gocontrol premium kit would be a good start.

I have:

5 Wemo Insight and
2 Nest Cams
1 Lutron Hub and several Lutron Caseta switches

sell or trade.

Interested in Aeon Lab Gen 5 sensor, Iris sensors, Hue devices…

I have an old school Schlage pocket socket dimmer. It says it will only work with incadescents. Will trade for Iris contact sensor v2, go control contact sensor, or GE rocker aux switch.

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I have a 2GIG CT100 thermostat for trade/sale. Bought 2 but only used one, so it’s brand new.

Looking for hue products, or any lighting products…

Hello all,

I have 2-3 Philips Hue Blooms I’m looking to trade. Looking for motion sensors, and a bunch of open close sensors. Anyone interested in trading?



I have a few new in the box
Iris Contact Sensor, 2nd Gen
Item # 690400 Model # 3320-L

I’m looking to trade with
Iris Motion Sensor
Item # 690402 Model # 3326-L

Let me know.
Thank you.

Also, I’m looking for
GE Z-Wave 3-SPEED Wireless Rocker FAN Controls
Model # 12730222

And have the following to trade, all brand new in box
GE Z-Wave Wireless Rocker ON/OFF Light Switch
Model # 12722

GE Z-Wave Wireless Rocker DIMMER Light Switch
Model # 12724222

Thank you.

Does anyone have any ON/OFF switches for sell? Also looking for the addons.


I have a bunch of rocker add-ons. Are you looking for switches or lamp modules for on/off?

Looking to buy a GoControl pack or two. Anyone have them?

I’m looking for rocker on/off and addons?

Hi all, after my install, here’s the remaining items I have to trade:

Iris smart plugs x 13
Ge add/on rockers x 4
Smart button x 1

Looking to trade for hue products, open/close sensors, leak valve & sensors.

For Sale/Trade:

Zooz Z-Wave Plus On / Off toggle Switch - Model ZEN23

Trade wise - I’m looking for GE on/off toggles

PM me if interested. Can give pics if wanted. Have box/manuals

EDIT: I’m keeping the Zooz toggle. I talked to Agnes over at The Smartest House, Great customer service, BTW … and we determined that my wiring is a bit weird and thus need an electrician.

i have 2 nest protect battery models and 10 ge dimmer toggle switches 12724 - looking for motion siren, doorbell or other items. my house is mostly done now.

Are the protects the 2nd gen? Are you interested in trade for Nest cams or Wemo Insight or Lutron Caseta?

yes- they are brand new second gen battery powered- I would love another nest cam

I would love 2 more protects. :smile: Lets work out a deal in PM

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