Alexa:Tell secrets I cannot, but since you ask...[CNET]

Alexa has secrets to reveal. Just ask about Amazon Prime Day deals.

not a secret anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Loose lips…and all that.

Used Alexa to order an Echo Tap for $69 this morning. It’s on sale for $79 (normally $129) and they threw in $10 off any pre-prime day Alexa sale deal. I’ve been on the fence about getting one, but I doubt it’s ever going to get any cheaper and I’d like to use it even as an backyard bluetooth speaker.

  • another 5% off when using your Amazon Prime card

I wish they had similar deal for the Dot :disappointed:

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Well, this is just the Alexa pre-deal. I think there will be more discounts through the weekend all the way up to 7/12.

Also, I’d expect to see all Echo and Kindle products on pretty deep discount on Prime Day.


Amazon has three “Smart Home Deals” and two “Smart Device Deals” that they’re going to reveal on 7/12.

I’m hoping for a good deal on another Dot too.

a drone for $15? yea sure why not

It’s a pretty bad one… Great way to clear their stock I guess.

Yea I noticed that but considering the fact that this product has a high likelihood of sitting on my desk after a few uses I probably won’t be as upset if I paid $15 as opposed to $1000 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also plan to use this to mess with the cats haha

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I see the Dots are not available today on the Amazon site. My completely uneducated guess is; you’ll be able to get a Dot for $49.95 in the next few days. I hope so, need one for the bedroom.

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Same here.

I want to be able to turn on the coffee pot and ask for the time without having to fumble with my phone when I’m half asleep. I have a mini-mote that I keep by my bed and that works for most things, but I love the hands free aspect of the Echos.

Amazon keeps pushing the Tap - which I wouldn’t mind for the library and for taking out to the back yard, but it doesn’t sound appealing for the bedroom.

Need a Dot for the bedroom. Just one of my weird thoughts.

It’s a good thing my wife’s name is not Alexa! That could be awkward. (Yea, I know you can change it to Echo or Amazon)

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As tempting as $69 Tap is, I really can’t really justify it. With 3 Echoes and 4 Dots ,what do I really use it for ? If they would open the bluetooth so they would work as a speaker phone I would be more tempted . I already have outdoor speakers . Don’t see why I would ever need a WiFi portable speaker.

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At this price point I’m going to replace one of the sound machines in the kids room and use this as I will be able to start and stop it remotely using the app.

Was thinking about the same thing, actually was planning on getting one for each of babies, but then I remembered that you cannot play on two devices at the same time, right?

You can’t stream prime music to two different devices at the same time, you could play downloaded music, your music on one and prime on another at the very least for sure at the same time. I’m pretty sure you can have one on each service simultaneously. I can test this later at home, but I only have one echo at work


Thanks, I am at work too. But that’s a good idea. I’ll check tonight. I have two Echos.

This is correct. I’ll have prime on one, pandora on another, and Spotify or TunIn on a third.