Amazon Price Drop - OSRAM Lightify E27 RGB Bulb


(James Simmonds) #1

UPDATE (19th Jan): Price back up to £31! Good while it lasted!

Just noticed (12th Jan 2016, 10:30am) the OSRAM E27 Lightify RGB bulb on Amazon is currently £15.50 (Prime too!). I’ve got two of these already (@ £30 each!) so I’m getting a couple more - bargain! Works perfectly in ST (apart from the switching itself on once in a blue moon problem).

(Note - link above includes my Amazon affiliate code)



Great, thanks. Have headed down the hue route but just ordered one of these to experiment with seeing as it’s such a great price.

(Terry Read) #3

Only issue i sometimes have with the Osram bulbs is an occasional flicker. But apart from that they work great, and unlike the Hue Bulb are in stock!

(Richard Smart) #4

Nice price. I picked up the Belkin bayonet fit starter set for £41 Amazon lightning sale before xmas - 2 bulbs and a plugin controller so this seems a bargain.

I have similar problem of not really knowing if the light is on or off, or that it reports 1 state condition that is incorrect (ie on when its off!)

Not that smart just yet !!!

(Wayne) #5

Thanks for the heads up. Bought a bunch! The intermittent switching on seems to be hue hub only problem for me. Direct to ST is good but less smooth but also acts as a nice ZigBee repeater.


is there a custom device type for these or should they ‘just work’?

on a related note, i had loads of reliability issues with my non-rgb version until i updated the firmware via the lightify gateway. there is a firmware update for this model and the gateway is only £21 on amazon.

(Benji) #7

The best news about this is that when it comes to the US it may be priced at ~$30 and then when on offer like this, ~$15… That would be AWESOME.

(Wayne) #8

They are just discovered as ZigBee hue bulbs. A few of them need resetting for some reason but no need for custom devices if you do not want to.


Hey James,

Are you resided in the UK? Can you confirm it will work with UK hub v2.0?


UPDATE: Just ordered a couple. I had not seen it is an RGB bulb at first!!!

(James Simmonds) #10

Yeah - I’m in the UK on the v2 hub.

I use the “Improved ZigBee Hue bulb” custom device type - got some nice presets in the control UI (warm white etc)

UPDATED: I’ve also never bothered to update the firmware on the 2 I already have - another poster with them said he had the random switching on problem, bought the OSRAM hub and updated the bulbs and it didn’t fix it - they still turned themselves on every now and then…so I’ve never bothered and 99% of the time they are working flawless out of the box.



Thanks a lot James!

I actually wanted to buy 3 but I ordered 2 (by mistake) and Amazon was too fast with processing the order this time.
I do not really want to pay the postage (resided in Greece) again so I guess 2 of them should do.



can someone tell me if i can have the same device ‘registered’ with two different platforms. i have my new bulbs setup within the Lightify app but i also want to use them with smartthings.

do i have to de-register them with Lightify first?


yes mate - you will need to upgrade them on Lightify and then de-register them and register them on the Smarthub - to do so:
disable / turn off the Lightify hub

On the ST app search for new devices

Switch On - for 4 secs
Switch Off
Switch On again - for 4 secs
Switch Off
Switch On again - for 4 secs
Switch Off
Switch On again - for 4 secs
Switch Off
Switch On again - for 4 secs
Switch Off
Switch On again - it should blink after a few seconds meaning it is available to bind

I ordered 10 of them - had a mate order 5 for me to overcome the 5 items limitation and is was a bloody pain to go through … took ages as well 8 minutes per bulb for the update I think

Stories from a beginner

I had this issue as well hence I performed the update - no issues since - maybe was a different version?

(James Simmonds) #15

Looks like they are discounted down to £15.50 again (seller = Amazon + Prime) …However…they are out of stock at the moment - I guess if you purchase now you lock in the price but unknown how long for them to ship the order/back in stock - if you’re not desperate for them and want them half price might be worth a shot.

On the Amazon page click “8 new from £15.50” and the top offer should be the out of stock Amazon offer @£15.50.

Amazon Link (with my affiliate code): OSRAM E27 Lightify RGB bulb

Cheers - I’m ordering a couple more for the front room now!

(James Simmonds) #16

On the firmware update front - there are a few of us in the office with these bulbs on the original out-of-the-box firmware…if we purchased one Osram hub between us is it possible to share the hub (resetting to factory settings between use) to do this “one-time” re-flashing of the bulbs?

Whilst the hub won’t break the bank cost-wise it seems OTT for each of us to buy one, re-flash and then (very probably) never use it again. Anyone know if the hub can be entirely “reset”?

I do suffer the random switch-ons, one or two a week and one in the middle of the night in the bedroom which didn’t go down well so might be time to bite the bullet and update the firmware!


(Michael T) #17

Hi James

I have one of these and yes it does have a reset button


(Tony) #18

For Europeans,

Good price on OSRAM Lightify bulbs at and
Even better, they are in stock… and they ship all over Europe.

I’ve got some Par16 TW (GU10) and Classic A60 RGBW on the way, due to arrive tomorrow afternoon…
Best price I could find online (better than normal Amazon prices) and fast delivery…
Worth checking if you are looking for Lightify…

ps: I am not affiliated with neither of them, just a satisfied customer !

(Chris) #19

Ordered stuff from Reichelt before, they’ve got some great prices on there. Bought 4 Fibaro RGB controllers for a good bit less than they cost in the UK :slight_smile: