Amazon Echo Will Not Link With SmartThings

I just purchased an Amazon Echo and it will not link with SmartThings. I followed the instructions to a T:

Open Alexa App
Open the hamburger menu
Click Smart Home
“Link with SmartThings”
Select my hub from the drop down menu, and select the devices I’d like to control.
When I click “Authorize,” I get the following error below. Any thoughts?

Reach out to support… definitely an issue on their end.

Did you link to ST in the Alexa app first?

Hi Bamarayne,

That’s the issue I am having. When I attempt to Link with SmartThings in the Alexa app, and sign into my ST account, the error message pops up.


There is a “known issue” with OAuth of web services SmartApps at this time.

(I have no idea what the issue is, I’ve just seen this in a couple threads and about to test SmartTiles to see if its connector can still be installed.).

It probably is related to the introduction of the new Cloud shard (server segment):

I do not know how Accounts are selected to be placed on this new shard, but I think it is being used for all brand new accounts created over the past week or two … on continuing.