Smartthings Devices linked to Google Home

Normally when ST devices are authorized to be linked to something else (i.e. Amazon Echo) you are provided with a list of all your devices and you can select which is to be included in the authorization. It appears that this option is not available when linking ST to Home. The only choice I get is to select which Hub to link and I either authorize ALL or deny ALL. Am I missing something?

Which app? In ST Classic, I think the process for Home is the same as for Echo - after linking (and allowing all), you open the Google Home smartapp and flip the toggle for “all devices, scenes and routines”, then select them individually.

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That did the trick. I kept looking for the answer in the Google Home App. Instead I should have been looking within the Smartthings App under the option Automation/SmartApps for the smartapp Google

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Cool. The Alexa app lets you disable devices on their side as well, so you have two ways to filter things. Interesting that Home doesn’t.