Amazon Echo Starts Randomly Playing Music without Command

A few times this week my Amazon Echo randomly started playing Pandora without commanding it. Has anyone else had this happen? Do we know why it happens? Thanks!

I would contact Amazon support. If you Open the Alexa app and go to settings, you’ll be able to see the history and see what command the echo thought it received.

yeah I got mine yesterday it thinks On is off and off is off so switching things is kind of hard to do lol

The only time I’ve had that happen is when watching a commercial or a YouTube video about the Echo. I’m going to need to be careful which videos I watch from now on so I don’t start getting unwanted pizzas from Dominos. :grin:


Mine also seems to be picking up random words in conversations my wife and I are having lately and then randomly telling me the weather or times for movies, etc.

Check the app, as JD suggests, it will show you commands the Echo has handled. I just checked mine and when I used the app to start music it showed up in the list.

If you see activities then something is sending it those commands. Either it’s the mic picking up commands or someone’s using an app. Voice recognized commands will have a > play button to let you play back the recorded snippet. An app-sent command won’t have that.

One way to avoid app changes it change your Amazon password. If “someone else” has the password they can control the Echo. Change it and you take that away.

Meanwhile, if you find it’s misrecognizing then consider using the app’s “Voice Training” option. That’ll help fine tune it a bit.


I got away with messing with my wife a few times by playing songs on the Echo from the bathroom. It took a few times before she caught on that you could also play songs from the app. >:)

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If you have more than 1 echo on the same account, Make sure someone isn’t trying to use the app and has the wrong one selected. I have one at work and one at home, and this has happened to me…

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I had the same thing happen. Alexa started playing music at 3:30am today. Nothing else was on (no tv, no people talking) and I do not have alarms set… any ideas?

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Me too, at 6:30 this morning. I’m asleep in my bedroom, no-one else in the house, no radio/tv on. Out of the blue, I wake to hear music from my office along the hall. Steely Dan is playing. No commands in the history that I can see.

Not the first time this has happened, but the first time I am absolutely certain that nothing I’ve done triggered it. And it is always the office Dot (out of 4 Dots in the house).

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Same here. Just now at 3:40am, my Echo Dot made some random noises and woke me up. A minute later, with no command given, it started playing the somewhat ironic song “Dream On” by Aerosmith.

I’m alone, no other devices making any sounds that could be interpreted as commands, and nothing in the app indicating a command being received.

It’s now unplugged unto l morning.

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Maybe, just maybe you have a ghost with a sense of humor in your house :joy:

I haven’t had false triggers but, the last unit I have left only responds to half of my commands. The other half it listens and then just cancels itself.

I went through this just recently. It turns out I heard someone else’s voice coming from my Echo Dot then music. I had this happen a number of times. I figured it was a neighbor’s unit overlapping like interference. I reset my Ech and never happened again.

it hasn’t happened since the 3:30am wakeup last week — but, I unplug it at night now (when I remember), just to be sure. I’ll try resetting it… thanks for confirming that I wasn’t the only one! :relaxed:

Mine was doing this too, without any commands or anything showing in the history. Turns out one of my neighbors had accidentally connected their phone to it as a Bluetooth speaker. You can remove the devices in the Bluetooth settings in the app.

How did they do that without you putting your Echo/Dot into BT pairing mode?

My Dot in the kitchen is connected via bluetooth to an Anker speaker. when the speaker goes into standby (to save battery, wish I could turn that off) it disconnects from the dot, and then the dot starts playing pandora (last app used). I am guessing someday bugs will get worked out. until then I just make sure to turn off the Bluetooth speaker when finished and tell alexa to stop playing pandora.

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No idea! Lol

Hi all this has happened to me twice now. First song was played at my fathers funeral, last nights song i cant remember but i didnt recognise it. Im a believer that it could be spirit, 3am is also the most active time for paranormal activity. The times that people have mentioned have been around that time. My first wake up with ‘if i could turn back the hands of time’ was at 2.45am. Just something to think about?

Yep! This happens to me each time I instruct Alexa to turn off the music. About 2-5 hours later…the same music comes on and I have to ask her again to turn it off. Then it doesn’t come on again.

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