Pandora disconnecting from Echo

I have been using Pandora with Amazon Echo for quite awhile with no issues. I set it up to play while away to keep our dog company, never a problem staying connected for hours. Within last 2 weeks it would randomly disconnect( tested it while I was home also). Nothing at the house has changed. Reset the Echo and even changed from 2.4 to 5g, no help. Any thoughts? Panorama was no help

Did you check your router logs?
If you loose connection even for a split second it usually drops any streaming
I had a similar issue with playing music from amazon until I changed my router
(We also leave the dogs some music on when we leave)

Thanks for the response. Yes I checked the logs. Not much detail to them but nothing really showed up. This is on an Arris Gateway from Comcast. Might see about swapping it out. No other problems with it though.

I was a home worker with Comcast for years. It was not uncommon for Comcast to drop any of our connections (TV or Internet) during the work day. Sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for 30 - 60 minutes. If I hadn’t been here to experience it I never would have known. Just an FYI from experience. Not saying it is your issue but it would not surprise me.

Thought I would update with my limited trouble shooting. After changing from 2.4 to 5g and assigning fixed IP’s to my Echo and Dot, none of which helped with Pandora staying connected for music. I’m convinced the common denominator is the Arris Gateway, even though I have not had any other issues with it.

However, I did switch my music from Pandora to TuneIn radio and have had no problems with that radio feed staying connected, only been 3 weeks so we will see. Go figure. My dog will continue with his relaxing music while away at least for now.