Echo Speaks - Suddenly started saying odd things!


I’ve suddenly started getting some strange behaviour from Echo Speaks Pistons.

Up until yesterday everything was fine. Now, when my Echo devices speak, prior to the actual speech I want it to say it says, “Amazon forced unit selection” then speaks and then says something like, “Forward slash less than amazon forced unit selection”

I did try to install it on my old account (long story - but I have two Smartthings users running on one account - I can see some smart apps on one and not on the other etc.)

Can anyone please help out with what it happening?


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Cheers Eric.

Looks like it’s an Echo Speaks issue.


Same issue. Does Not occur if you play to all, but ‘forcing the unit selection’ ie: playing to one device or multiple is causing the messaging.

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I have the same issue.

Same issue with Ask Alexa. Started sometime today.

Same issue, started this afternoon.

Which is great - I spent hours yesterday coding a Piston so that if I have any security alerts at certain times the Echo next to my bed sets the volume loud and tells me which device has triggered!

Looks like until a solution is found I’m going to have to pause all those alerts… :confused: :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve just seen on Faceache that there is an issue at Amazon. They have acknowledged it and are working on it. Apparently its doing the same on simple Alexa routines.


So… what happened to the Echo Speaks threads on this forum? Was the lite version released?

Echo Speaks was shut down. The echo speaks thread was removed. No lite version and probably will never be released.

Thx for the update!