Amazon Echo not working

Yup all broken. It seems like there are a ton of connectivity issues in and out of the ST Cloud. I am seeing errors connecting to the Weather piece. Smarttiles not always refreshing correctly. Failures sending counters to grove, etc.

The WAF approval without Echo just dropped considerably.

looks like there oauth changes they were talking about maybe were implemented and broke all kinds of shit.

ya im pretty sure that is it… because I have my own copy of smarttiles installed and it is still working fine… which would bypass the global oauth changes… I bet they didn’t think about fast tracking the oauth for echo.

Mine stopped working at the same time I was adding a new switch in to control my gas fireplace. After forgetting and re-installing the link multiple times without success, I came here. At least I know it’s not on my end now.

I installed this smarthings system with my echo and its already down within a week, what is this???

umm normal?
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Same for me starting this morning. Echo works with my CT100 thermostat but does not with any of my GE z-wave switches…

just a silly idea, buy shouldn’t this outage be noted on the Smartthings Status page? everything there is supposedly “normal” as i write.

clearly, we are a long way from the day when this hub will be a useful component of a dependable connected home - never mind the possibility of its use in a security context…

if subscription fees would fund the harried and underpaid developers, and encourage them not to push code changes without error checking, i say “bring it on! i’ll pay 19.95/month for what i already have!”

Yes. No real point to subscribe to the status page if it isn’t updated. A lot of Cloud pieces have been down for over 8 hours, but no update on the status page. Why even have one?

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I can control my lights fine with the Smartthings app. My problem is with the Echo. So this is a Smarthings issue and not an Echo issue?

Just got an email from IFTTT: “Your SmartThings Channel is offline. It might be that you’ve changed a username, password or some other information recently.” Of course, we know what the cause is…

Exactly. They really need to start being more responsible with the status page. Throw a heads up that their making some changes in the backend and this could effect any and all integrations. Just reading through the posts lots of people have been wasting there time trouble shooting and re-adding when the back end is the problem. I spent an hour messing with my motion sensors for no reason it seems now. A simple update to let us know and we all could have gone on with our day and waited for everything to settle.

Oddly, when I DO get emails about current SmartThings problems, I’m not experiencing any.

Ask three of my echo’s are acting just like my two 16 year old boys…

They say ok… And do nothing.


Just adding a me too. I just got things set up after Christmas and the family has been loving using the Echo to control our living room and Kitchen lights. Getting a big thumbs down to have to use the app. My seven year old discovered the problem and let me know that I need to get this fixed.

At least it’s not just us.

Having issues here as well. Can control my Cree bulbs but that’s about it.

+1, just like everyone else.

Echo not working… just says “ok” when I ask for the usual lights on/off.
Timed events not working.
Routines not working.

Of course says everything is operational and there are no issues. Right. Way to be upfront and honest with your customers.

Looks like it’s a Smartthings problem again. My Echo will turn on my hue bulbs fine , because I’m connected the Echo directly to the hue bulbs not using Smartthings. However my Zwave stuff don’t work at all and that is Smartthings. Hopefully when they fix this and I won’t have to reconfigure all my stuff again I’m starting for feel like a Smartthings tech 24/7 .

Hello home routines are also failing to execute. I am also seeing some smart apps like smartblighting failing to execute or taking too long. Ex: light come on with motion but does not go off after motion stops.

My motion sensor has been acting up the last few days and it has been driving me crazy! I’ve spent so much time tinkering and re-tinkering. “Good” to know that it is probably related to whatever issue is going on right now.

And @bamarayne wins this one. Best comment of the day!

I did hear back from support. They know there’s a problem and are working on it… That’s about all they said, fairly generic response, but I was appreciative to at least get a e-mail within 3 hours considering the wait times some folks have talked about.