Amazon Echo not working

Google brought me here. I’m having the same issue. I’m glad I checked before doing some of the more intense troubleshooting…

Same issue as well. Was working fine this morning but now not.

External authorization with SmartThings is currently broken for several of the major integrations. SmartThings is actively working on it. (This is impacting IFTTT, Amazon Echo, SharpTools, SmartRules, etc)

Edit: Local device control was not working for third party SmartApps. It looks like the Echo was able to complete the authorization, unlike other SmartApps (more info), but may have been impacted by the inability to control local devices.


Thanks for that update. Funny how dependent we become using these little miracle machines.

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Thanks for that. I’d kind of guessed it was something like that when someone mentioned SmartTiles, but it’s good to know that it isn’t just an Echo problem.

This just in from Support: “This is a recent issue we’re aware of and currently working hard to get resolved as quickly as we can.”


Hey Samsung dudes, how about an email when YOU are down so we’re not waisting hours resetting stuff? Cool idea no?

I’m having this issue with Echo as well as my Harmony Home Hub. They seem like they send commands but for some reason only the 2 fans, not the 18 lights work. I also cannot reauthorize the Harmony, but I can with Echo.

Same here…

Echo not working, just responds OK. ST App routines just change mode, no lights. tried reinstalling echo, re-installed app, re-discover devices, finds them all but no control, just “OK”. resetting hub, re-creating routines does not help. Smartthings status page shows all is ok…

note: This v2 system fails on me in all sorts of weird ways all the time and I’m over it. just ordered a wink hub to see if that’s any better.

same here none of the echo control of switches is working … nothing in the logs… echo control of hue bridge bulbs works fine…
I am reporting bug… do the same… zigbee switchs and lights work fine;… just not zwave switches
no errors in logs ie
11fa7245-9188-4101-b2eb-02c6c7fe8a2d ‎6‎:‎47‎:‎52‎ ‎PM: debug Turn on Back Yard Floods

11fa7245-9188-4101-b2eb-02c6c7fe8a2d ‎6‎:‎47‎:‎52‎ ‎PM: debug update, params: [theAccessToken:5107c9d3-a407-4b20-bed7-f7ed88a663b3, appId:11fa7245-9188-4101-b2eb-02c6c7fe8a2d, param1:switches, param2:b9b30a0d-4db1-443f-8eec-ee9d6134dce4, param3:TURN_ON, action:[GET:executeSmartAppGet, POST:executeSmartAppPost, PUT:executeSmartAppPut, DELETE:executeSmartAppDelete, OPTIONS:executeSmartAppOptions], controller:smartAppApi, deviceType:switches, id:b9b30a0d-4db1-443f-8eec-ee9d6134dce4, command:TURN_ON], request: [:], devices: [04100598-de69-44e3-86a3-9b4412b8c008, 0b298466-a375-4559-a751-03eba36b293c, 0fe702df-7741-4fe6-a5ee-202361f75d44, 17067f06-1347-46ff-941c-d21caa005870, 17f9a51b-dc8b-4356-a02e-5a1d2d08fb08, 24523586-d46b-461c-9ef5-6e2d795797db, 2df16227-73ba-4d0c-82fd-b629670f6321, 321f3675-37a7-4d72-b302-6e22f0c5272b, 37406725-3449-40e8-9d89-31290c54fee0, 3f69602f-9f6f-4479-b566-984b45c42e76, 429a72c4-54b1-4336-b6a5-fa15491e8884, 42cacc65-d052-4497-8b3c-b752ea00dc5b, 44c87d97-b667-4ed0-95a2-1db730062bd6, 4b147c14-6da7-430e-84d4-4008e8741c2d, 6afcd9e4-d53d-4512-864c-4ea24d9390d8, 6d1a8913-6e6d-45f6-9823-202796e47e46, 6f7225a2-70ea-4cf3-a4fa-11c1359f391d, 869b87b8-59f4-4b58-897f-ff0d6e5ba0b4, 8ecbe097-df21-42a2-883d-e61f59936044, 956e9c49-64c8-4a4c-8730-f2614eba1d5b, 9e13e639-6b18-4f40-9282-f622a3d3a76d, 9f069e29-a470-495b-8c32-1c475423c00d, a1656c8f-e6b8-48f2-bf1f-3e050c698942, b9b30a0d-4db1-443f-8eec-ee9d6134dce4, c8a1ff44-8ae7-4031-b480-e8effc50cfce, d4b7b6f7-095d-4e89-b34c-7280db0241b7, d677f7a7-cc55-4df8-b84e-fce420bc96bc, de0abb9b-dc8f-4c35-b496-22c4ea54dad9, e0fcd656-da06-4abf-a586-f677a37a4026, ee923db7-d02e-4709-9dea-3688efb545c5, 68d31050-27a7-4804-b419-30cb52c5cd8f, 48dad08c-3eb6-43f3-9bed-a2ea7863a130] b9b30a0d-4db1-443f-8eec-ee9d6134dce4 params.command: TURN_ON


but nothing happens

+1 for Echo and Sharp Tools not working for all of my light switches. The ST App still works though.

Yup all broken. It seems like there are a ton of connectivity issues in and out of the ST Cloud. I am seeing errors connecting to the Weather piece. Smarttiles not always refreshing correctly. Failures sending counters to grove, etc.

The WAF approval without Echo just dropped considerably.

looks like there oauth changes they were talking about maybe were implemented and broke all kinds of shit.

ya im pretty sure that is it… because I have my own copy of smarttiles installed and it is still working fine… which would bypass the global oauth changes… I bet they didn’t think about fast tracking the oauth for echo.

Mine stopped working at the same time I was adding a new switch in to control my gas fireplace. After forgetting and re-installing the link multiple times without success, I came here. At least I know it’s not on my end now.

I installed this smarthings system with my echo and its already down within a week, what is this???

umm normal?
20 Chara

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Same for me starting this morning. Echo works with my CT100 thermostat but does not with any of my GE z-wave switches…

just a silly idea, buy shouldn’t this outage be noted on the Smartthings Status page? everything there is supposedly “normal” as i write.

clearly, we are a long way from the day when this hub will be a useful component of a dependable connected home - never mind the possibility of its use in a security context…

if subscription fees would fund the harried and underpaid developers, and encourage them not to push code changes without error checking, i say “bring it on! i’ll pay 19.95/month for what i already have!”

Yes. No real point to subscribe to the status page if it isn’t updated. A lot of Cloud pieces have been down for over 8 hours, but no update on the status page. Why even have one?

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I can control my lights fine with the Smartthings app. My problem is with the Echo. So this is a Smarthings issue and not an Echo issue?