Amazon Echo - Household Account?


Just wondered in terms of the amazon Echo features, does anyone know what benefit one would have by setting up a household account?

Currently our Amazon Prime is under my wife’s account, so was only able to access Amazon music library via her account.
I initially thought that setting up a household account would mean all amazon services particularly the music side would be shared. So one could setup a different Alexa profile and stil have access to Prime music streaming on both accounts.

It appears Prime music is only available for the primary account. However,
the Alexa mobile app does seem to highlight that a household account is setup…but without shared Prime music access, not sure I see the point. Hence wondered if there’s any Echo sepecific features enabled for a household account?

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two things I’ve noticed.
It allows use of the echo app from two different devices using two different prime account logins.
There is also access to the music library from two different prime library’s, at lease in the mobile app…

At the present time, it shouldn’t affect home automation use.

The main thing it does is let you have two different music libraries available. But you have to switch between them if you want to use the other one. If there are only two, you just say “Alexa, switch accounts” and then you have access to the other music library. You can also ask “Alexa, what profile is this?” So you know which one you’re currently using.

It also lets you place orders using the credit card of the main account which could be good or bad depending on who’s there. You can set up a voice pin code for the credit card use if you want, which at least can keep the kids from using it, but since you have to say that it’s very easily overheard.


Just tried it, and confirm different skill apps for each profile. The same applies for home automation devices. You have to rediscover them and setup groups on both accounts individually.

When you say have different Prime libarays, I assume this means you have 2 accounts, each with a different Prime subscription.

correct, to separate prime accounts, two (obviously) library’s.

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Just curious, for the likes of AskAlexa I understand you need to register a developer and AWS Lambda account.

If I have two profiles on the Echo. One for me n the wife. Do you need to register a developer and lambda account for each Echo profile? Or can you register one set of accounts and use em for both ech profiles?

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I don’t think so…Amazon has a work around for that:

Reviving a somewhat old thread. Is it possible to give access to my ST devices to another echo in the household account?

You mean another echo on a seperate amazon account from the first?

Yes. My son bought an echo that’s tied to his account. His account is now part of the household account. One thing I didn’t look at his Alexa app.

If you setup a Amazon household with your son with you as th e primary all devices will be shared.

Thanks. I will check out the settings on his account later.