Stop Alexa app from duplicating

Morning all.

I know this is more of an Alexa topic but I thought some of y’all would have some insight as well.

I have ST along with an Amazon account. I use ST for all automation and geofencing and use Alexa for daily voice command etc…

I have 2 hubs, in 2 locations and don’t want the devices to be shared between the two locations. I have Home and Lake House locations. I have a separate Amazon Alexa account for the lake house because we share the space with friends.

Every time I add a new device to ST, Lake House, then into Alexa, all of my devices, in the Alexa app, add back in to the Lake House Alexa app.

How do I keep the items at my “Home”, in Alexa app, from adding back into my “Lake House” Alexa list?

When I add a new device, in ST, I make sure I am in the appropriate location ie: Lake House.

Any thoughts?


You can not separate them unless you have totally separate ST and Amazon accounts for both locations.


So I’d need a completely different account for ST too? Not just a different location?

Yes you would. Alexa combines all ST locations into one.

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Damn Amazon. So rigid for being a “technology” company with AWS lol