Link to Multiple Alexa Accounts?

Hi all,

In my house we have a multiple echos. The echo show in the kitchen in linked to my wife’s Amazon account and I have one in my office linked to my Amazon account. One of the main reasons we do this is we can have separate Spotify accounts linked so we can each listen to something different at the same time.

So I’ve enabled the SmartThings skill in Alexa on both accounts, but it seems like which ever I link last is the one that works. The other will show “server unresponsive” in the Alexa app. Is this expected behavior? Is there a different way to accomplish this so we can both have voice control of our home automation from our separate Alexa accounts?

You linked the same SmartThings account to both Alexa accounts didn’t you?

Each of you needs your own SmartThings account (create one for her and invite it to join the location.). Then use her account to link to her Alexa instance and yours to link to yours.

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