How do I limit access to an Echo when I have multiple?

Hi I have multiple Echo’s in my house and want to give one on the main floor full access while the ones in the kids rooms only have access to control the stuff in their rooms.

I’d also be willing to make it so my wife and I have full access regardless of the echo we use and the kids only have access to the items we grant access to.

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At this time there is no way, native or custom skill, to isolate echos within the same account. That being said, you could set up the kids room with a separate account that still allows basic items like the prime music to be shared, but the home automation (which I assume is what you want to control) could be on the main account.

I publish an app called Ask Alexa that does have a security feature where items like doors and locks require a PIN number, but it does not restrict the use of the other items.

What exactly are you attempting to restrict in the kids room?

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My one child is quite the prankster so I would like to limit her control to the upstairs hall lights in addition to her room lights. I could see her turning the lights off on us as we are in the basement.

they have voice recognition that they have started to incorporate. There might be something there pretty soon that would work. When I ordered something via an echo yesterday it mentioned it was going to use voice verification instead of my pin code to authorize transactions.

I thought that was just for flash news and stuff like that.

I am totally guilty of seeing an Echo and saying, “Alexa add ‘anal wart cream’ to shopping list,” or requesting 2AM alarms.

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It’s mostly for purchasing right now.
I eagerly await the day they expand it to everything. It should be that Alexa understands/obeys my voice and my wife’s voice, while rejecting commands from all other voices. At that moment, “Alexa, unlock the front door” becomes viable. “Alexa, transfer $5000 from money market to checking” becomes reliable.

And the kids saying “Alexa, turn off the upstairs bathroom” while I’m in the shower becomes undoable. :blush:

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I also have multiple Echo devices and 2 are on my account and 1 is on my wife’s account. In your scenario, if an Echo is in Kid1’s room, create a separate amazon account, add it to your Amazon Household and only add the device(s) to that Echo that you want Kid1 to control from their room. Repeat as necessary. Note that doesn’t prevent Kid(s) from accessing the other Echo’s to do anything and everything.


(Note: Any Alexa skills you want Kid1’s Echo to access has to be added to that account)

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I stand corrected from my previous statement. I was actually able to have Ask Alexa (my custom Alexa skill) recognize what device the command came from. I am building some of that functionality into the app in the coming months but wanted to let you know that I did some investigation (because of your original post) and found the answer! Thanks for motivating me!!!


Does your wife’s Echo (in her account) also work with the ST automations? Or is it limited to what Alexa can do natively?

Both accounts have to “discover” any devices. But yes, it finds ST devices. Any Alexa groups I have made on my account, I need to also make on her account if I want it to know those groups.

The reason I used separate accounts was in the hopes that doing so would unconfuse Alexa when dealing with calendars. That is one area where Alexa has failed miserably. I want my google calendar and she wants hers. Switch user isn’t (or wasn’t) smart enough to do it so I thought a separate account would solve it. It didn’t.

Can’t you do the voice recognition for different users and accounts and use multiple calendars?

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I haven’t successfully gotten it to work. To be fair, I haven’t tried in a few months as it was getting frustrating and I don’t like being frustrated :grin:

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