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Outdoor Speaker or Intercom?

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I know there are Video DoorBells like Nest and Ring which provide the intercom facility so you can talk to whoever is at the door. But I just want to have the ability to speak. Is there any Smart Intercom products out there? maybe a WiFi speaker that you can then use Alexa to speak to?


I have my Alexa door hooked up to my outdoor speakers and use the intercom function.

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How do you do that? Which intercom feature are you referring to on alexa? The only thing I know of on Alexa is the drop-in option but I can only seem to drop in to my Echo Speakers. I have a WiFi speaker which is added to Alexa as a device but drop-in to that is not an option for some reason.


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This works between my alexa speakers but I have a Jam WiFi speaker which has Alexa function but I can’t seem to be able to drop into the Jam speaker. When I go to edit the settings of my devices, under the Alexa speakers there is a Communication settings section which you can configure the drop-in settings but the Jam speaker doesn’t have the communication setting. I don’t want to put an Echo dot outside because I dont want it to be listening number 1 plus it isn’t weatherproof


My Alexa is not outside it is connected to my AV that has speakers that are outside on Zone 2 so I’m able to run Alexa inside to have anything I want be broadcast on the speakers outside

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Oh now I get you :slight_smile: So basically I can keep an echo dot for the front door intercom connected to an external speaker


If that’s speaker is outside and you’re running cable to it