Amazon Echo device discovery issue

I recently bought the latest smartthings hub V2 and an Amazon echo, ive added the smart home skill in echo, but no matter what I do it wont discover the devices. It picks up the svenes and home name but 0 devices. If disabled the skill, re-enabled it, rebooted both systems and still nothing. If I create a new scene it picks it up. I can also see the smartapp in smartthings enabled for the Amazon Echo. Any guidance will be appreciated

Open up the Amazon Alexa SmartApp in the Classic app and turn off the “Allow Alexa to access all devices…”

Now under Switches / Thermostats / Heaters / Locks, do you have any valid devices that can be selected in any of those? If you are able to select any devices under any of those, then that is what Alexa will be able to Discover.

The exercise above is to see if you have individual devices in SmartThings that are valid devices to be discovered by Alexa.

FYI: Having the Allow Switch turned off will also allow you to prevent duplicate devices from being added in Alexa. An example would be if you have Hue bulbs. Alexa would discover those bulbs from the native Hue integration, and you don’t want those being added a second time from SmartThings so you would exclude those devices in the ST app from being able to be discovered by Alexa.

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Thank you for the quick reply. When disabled I dont see any devices compatible. I’ve just started so I have 2moisture sensors, 2 door sensors and 1 motion sensor. Seems as if these are not supported by Alexa due to functionality and actors? I was hoping to ask Alexa if the “doors are locked”, “whats the current temperature” as the door sensors and motion sensor collects temp data.

You are going to want to go down the path of installing the “Ask Alexa” SmartApp. Here is the main thread for Ask Alexa (there is also a new thread for the latest release of it 2.39). You can post questions and issues directly in those threads. The developer @MichaelS is more than happy and willing to get you going in the right direction should you run into any problems or have any questions.


Ask Alexa can do these things (really good at status and reporting!). It is an involved install, but thousands have done it. I recommend starting here:

Installed Ask Alexa and I think it is fantastic.

Something I noticed this morning, my individual devices that has been discovered by Amazon Alexa app shows the SmartApp linked to them in ST, but when I go to the Alexa SmartApp in ST, I do not see those same devices listed there.

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