Echo will not discover smart hub

I am having issues trying to get my echo to discover my smart hub. I have linked the echo to smart things but still no joy any suggestions

in smartthings you need to go to smartapps, click amazon echo and select the devices you want echo to have access to. Next tell alexa to discover new devices. then say, alexa turn on kitchen lights…

I am planning on installing GE smart dimmers and switches throughout the house but for now I am starting slow and just have a Schlage camalot dead bolt installed in the front door. It shows up in the smartthings app but does not show its status correctly and reacts slowly. It will lock and unlock but it takes a while like 30 sec to 1 min to respond and doesn’t change its status from locked to unlocked.
I have amazon echo in smart app but when I select devices I want echo to access there are none available?
Can you advise.

Thanks for your patience with a new smartthings user.