Alexa smart home

So I’ve been playing around with my harmony activities and house integrations, I’ve had some success in creating multiple activities that controlled different light scenes and such. I’ve recently changed some things and have now deleted everything and started from scratch. My question is at one point when I disabled all of my smart home skills in alexa and re enabled them I can’t find certain switches to “authorize” which I once had before. Like now I can’t see my garage door switch and a few other new things I added. I just saw these items as a selection just a minute ago. So what am I doing wrong is there a sequence to what you enable first when your troubleshooting. Why can’t I see my garage door and other new devices I just added besides just my hue bulbs.

If you are using the Echo’s built-in Smartthings integration, you won’t be able to see any devices which are considered security (locks, garage doors, etc). Also, any routines that contain those devises will not be usable by the echo.

Is there another one besides echo because just moment before I was messin around I was at a point to authorize smartthings and all these new selections were available not just the exclusive home alarm stuff but it even showed my knew harmony actives I was screwing with and even my garage door was on there which I thought was strange and at the bottom were all theses other selections of devices I don’t have like sirens. I can’t for the life of me duplicate how I got to that same authorization screen. I’ve been disabling and enabling the three smart apps in different orders and nothing.