Alexa and 2 smartthings hub (US+UK), same app?

I am trying to see if this is possible.
Currently I have Alexa with 1 US Smartthings hub, using zigbee and US frequency z-wave devices.
However since I am in Hong Kong with 240V I need to get some devices that is compatible with the voltage from the UK . Clearly they operate on a different frequency.

Would a 2 hub setup work?
Would I be able to control the US and European frequency z-wave devices via the same samsung smartthings app and have the same control via voice?


As far as I know, Alexa still cannot connect to more than one SmartThings Hub and/or SmartThings Account per Alexa Account.

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Ok, supposed we ignore Alexa (willing to forego the voice aspect), can smartthings app control 2 hubs of different region (US and UK). And automate routines across devices connected to the 2 hubs?

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  1. Probably - the SmartThings Classic App doesn’t care what geography a Hub is in, but still… we aren’t exactly sure what geo-location info and/or Hub model info is used when you register your Hub, so your SmartThings Account might not be consistent. Don’t expect an answer from SmartThings Support because you’re proposing a completely unsupported and discouraged configuration. And (b) the new SmartThings App might be entirely different.

  2. No: A SmartApp instance, Routine, Scene, etc., can only contain devices from one Hub (one “Location”) at a time. You cannot work across Hubs except with external complexity - IFTTT against virtual switches, so special WebCoRE options perhaps, and ActionTiles for view & control - mix and match any number of Hubs.

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