Amazon now has a Home Automation "Store"

Amazon announces their own Home Automation “Store”:

Direct link to store:

Nice to see that they aggregated all thin HA in one place. I live on Amazon because most of the time I’m living out the booney’s and with Prime, shipping is usually free. I’m a good half hours drive to civilization - I even ordered a box of printer paper he other day (paid less than I would have at staples and received it in 2 days) but the best part is it may lead to lower prices - I’ve noticed significant differences in pricing on almost anything I order from Amazon so hopefully competition will provide some bargains. And you simply can’t beat their return policy. Had a $230 POS Hawking wifi repeater that I just gave up on - a couple of clicks and you’ve got a pre-paid return UPS label no questions asked. Amazingly, some items arrive next day - cant for the life of me figure out how they do that but I needed some cat6 cable, ordered n a Sunday (yes Sunday) evening and it showed up at 11am on Monday. Ive seen Vera’s sell for less than my dealer cost (still can’t figure that one out).

Window shopping at Amazon earlier and I checked on the open/close sensor (Schlage RS100HC) I had in my to buy list that was out of stock for a couple weeks now. It didn’t show that today so I moved it to my cart but the estimated shipping is 1-3 months. I wasn’t in a rush so I went ahead and placed the order… to my surprise I got ~$8 off the ~$35 price :slight_smile: I guess there’s a promo going on for Nexia products or something like that… 20-25% off :slight_smile:

So, if you’re not in a hurry, this might be worth the savings.