Amazon Dash Button Philips Hue

I’m trying to use a dash button to control two of my Philips Hue lights.
I have the samsung smart hub and the philips hue bridge.
I have a node server running on a raspberry pi.
I used the gitub code to create an app for the amazon dash button.
When I push the dash button, my phone creates a push notification and sends a text message, that much is working.
I’ve told the dash button to control two of my philips bulbs. When I push the button, there status doesn’t change, but I do get the push notification and the text notification.
I can turn the bulbs on and off through my smartthings mobile app.
I’m not sure what I’m missing.
Has anyone else been able to control the philips hue bulbs with a dash button?

Thanks, Scott

I just tested it with a cree bulb and it didn’t turn that one on either, so I’ve definitely missed something in the steps

I re-installed redloro’s code and it started working. I’m not sure what changed, but it’s really cool