Linear WO15Z-1 Duplex Wall Outlet $6.99

Not sure if this is real since it’s also a new seller so buy it at your own risk.

Edit : Link removed. Highly fake price. Sorry for the post.

I ordered two. For 14 bucks and free shipping, how can I go wrong? If it ain’t the real deal I’ll return it

$6.99+free shipping for a ~$38 outlet? Yeah, that raises a red flag or two. But, you never know. I hope you’re getting a real deal.

Scamm for sure.

Try to stay away!!! These kind of accounts are popping up like crazy. Go look at a sonos play 1. Says you can get one for 35$ ya right!!! I ordered a back up power supply a week ago that was 80 instead of 140 and I’m that was a scam. Be super careful of this. Dlink cameras sold for .01 cent each and was a great card grab for someone. You would order it and it said it mailed and arrived by the end of the day.

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Every item in the sellers storefront is $6.99.


Someone’s buying them. stock is down to 5 now.

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I know I bought one.

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At least Amazon has always been good about refunds.

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Order got cancelled by vendor. Apparently he realized his error

They don’t get your card info, as Amazon handles the payment transaction. They do get your name, address, phone number, which is ultimately what they want.

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