Linear WO15Z-1 Duplex Wall Outlet $6.99

(Ray) #1

Not sure if this is real since it’s also a new seller so buy it at your own risk.

Edit : Link removed. Highly fake price. Sorry for the post.

(Glen King) #2

I ordered two. For 14 bucks and free shipping, how can I go wrong? If it ain’t the real deal I’ll return it

(Dan P Parker) #3

$6.99+free shipping for a ~$38 outlet? Yeah, that raises a red flag or two. But, you never know. I hope you’re getting a real deal.


Scamm for sure.

(Jordon) #5

Try to stay away!!! These kind of accounts are popping up like crazy. Go look at a sonos play 1. Says you can get one for 35$ ya right!!! I ordered a back up power supply a week ago that was 80 instead of 140 and I’m that was a scam. Be super careful of this. Dlink cameras sold for .01 cent each and was a great card grab for someone. You would order it and it said it mailed and arrived by the end of the day.

(Dave) #6

Every item in the sellers storefront is $6.99.


Someone’s buying them. stock is down to 5 now.

(Ray) #8

I know I bought one.


At least Amazon has always been good about refunds.

(Glen King) #10

Order got cancelled by vendor. Apparently he realized his error

(Not Dexter) #11

They don’t get your card info, as Amazon handles the payment transaction. They do get your name, address, phone number, which is ultimately what they want.