Smartthings multi sensor one penny

What’s up with this? One penny and free shipping

From Amazon:

read the reviews…

I’m in-- for some inconvenience credit from Amazon.


I’m in for 10, here’s my dime LOL


Everything from this seller is one penny. If it’s too good to be true, it’s some sort of con.

I never did get my $1.79 Ring Pros

" HE" has battery powered Nest protects V2 for $0.01 too
And Blink 5 camera kits

I’d jump on this, it’s totally legit and completely reasonable!

Sincerely, (really sincerely)



Thanks for sharing.

There are 2 people selling it for a penny now and this is the reviews on one of them.

Just place an order for 2 sensors … 99.9% sure its not gone go anywhere , but others mentioned amazon might honor some credit :slight_smile:

Hope they don’t sell our address / name :frowning:

Read the seller reviews. 0% positive. This is clearly a scam.

yup agree … but since amazon is letting these guys sell they will take some action i’m hoping !

They refused to do anything other than credit my account for the $1.79 Ring Pros when the seller disappeared
No worries I’m in for 2 of this guys’ penny sale on Blink 5 cam kits though, along with the 10 multisensors


I know my wife wishes she had heeded that warning about me. :wink:


LOL today the nest cams are available for the ever high price of $.01. too funny!!

Click on the seller other items everything is $0.01 free shipping.

While people continue to buy, these people will continue to rip people off.
I do think Amazon should be jumping all over these people though.

Why??? This guy will get rich while nobody else cares about their lost pennies. Stop buying from him people.

…because it’s too addicting :joy: