Arlo Pro Cam 4 Pack HUGE Discount!


Looks like this is a scam as @tomerv states below. I received an email that asked for me to send an Amazon Gift Card. Here is a screenshot of the email they sent:

Just got notification from my that the Arlo Pro 4-Pack dropped!

I have been wanting to get some Arlo Pro cameras but they are so pricey I didn’t want to pull the trigger on them yet.
Here is the link to the Amazon page showing the offer:

As of 11/18/2016 @ 2PM PST

Camel Price watcher:

Be careful, This is a fraud, They guys want you to contact them via email and they will ask for money transfer in a Amazon looks like email, Don’t do it! I am sure you will never get nothing from them.

Seem you need to pay real money to get real stuff :wink:

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I do find it " interesting" they are having a " today only" sale on an item that is only available for pre-order and not due to be released until next week. They planning on breaking in some place and stealing a few over the weekend ?

Or are they selling standard Arlo system and just misrepresenting it as the new Arlo Pro ?

I’m thinking neither. They’ll try and run off with the money. I’ve seen this quite often on other popular items like an InstantPot. Constantly see brand new sellers supposedly selling new ones for heavily discounted prices, but they aren’t expected to arrive until like 3 or 4 weeks later. I’m guessing they’ve cashed out and run by then.

EDIT: I went to look at the vendor’s store just for S&G’s. Anything fishy that you notice? Perhaps every item being $400?

I have 2 days left in the delivery window for my $2.05 Ring Pros and $2.13 Nest outdoor cams LOL.
I use Amazon GC, so not too concerned about Amazon not refunding the full $13 I spent on 6 $200 cameras :wink:

Oh, I wouldn’t worry about Amazon not paying you back. Amazon is awesome about that kind of stuff. It’s just a PITA for something you know there’s zero chance of actually getting.

Sad times, but it was worth I try I guess. I already contacted Amazon and they were very appreciative and apologized for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your prompt response and heads up. If it’s too good to be true it usually is!

I just spoke with Amazon rep and she said if I don’t get my money back to my card before the expected shipping date comes and goes, then I can file an A to Z Guarantee claim which will refund the purchase.

File a claim here:

They will not pay you back unless you pay thru Amazon. Giving the a gift card outside of the normal ordering process is not covered under Amazon. if you used checkout your good. I had a bunch like this looking for a new TV. Very low price wanted me to send them a gift card for payment. I contacted Amazon. And they immediately terminated the sellers account.

That’s a given and just plain obvious. At no point was I even remotely close to referring to a transaction performed outside the Amazon Marketplace. Wait…next you’re gonna tell me the guy who promised me $15 billion isn’t really a Nigerian prince? Why did I give him my bank account info then!!!

I meant to say that to the person that posted the screenshot of pay by gift card. I have fun with the Nigerian people lol

No worries @joewom I would never pay outside of Amazon. I actually already got refunded for the item.

Yeah if you pay within their system they are awesome on taking care of the customer. Glad to here the good news.