Always Problem?

Has anyone else been having a poor experience with Smartthings ?
//Start Venting…

Every day it appears something else is not working… My last 48 hours :

  1. SmartApps and Hello Home configurations magically disappeared on my mobile app and nothing is working as set up to.

  2. After getting everything set up again, simple commands like turn off after 1 mins, or turn on when there is motion don’t work.

  3. Wife gets angry, and tells me Smartthings is not very trustworthy.

This is getting very frustration, especially when things happen after hours or on the weekend when support is not around to help troubleshoot.

//End Venting…


There’s no doubt there have been growing pains with ST, but your experience isn’t normal.

I’ve got over 40 devices working real well, including my wife and kids using it all the time.

Just reach out to support because they are good, and can certainly help.

I definitely get frustrated with the system, especially when it fails to do the simplest, most basic functions that my previous controller, a $20 Intermatic Home Settings unit, did without fail for years. And of course we get to hear it from our family when it does fail. When it’s humming along I think it’s just the greatest, when I’m spending hours just trying to get the Mobile Presence working, or a Zwave switch added to the network, I think it’s time to send it all to ebay.

I have always been an early adopter, and know the price of being one, but I’ve never felt as much a beta tester as I have with this system. I’ll keep at it until I (or my wife and kids) have really had enough. At that point, this segment has and is becoming so saturated with so many competing products that I will probably give another one a try. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that though because I do like the people involved with this company. And I think it’s the sort of product where the little guys can do a much better job than the big boys (Lowes, Staples, Home Depot etc.)