Alternative to Logitech Harmony to control TV power with new app scenes

New app…

Are your harmony activities showing up as devices in the new app?

When I first migrated over to the new app, my harmony activities were showing up in the new app, but weren’t working. I removed the activities with the intention of re-adding them. I couldn’t find a way to add them back to smartthings.

My harmony activities are showing up in the Alexa App, but not smartthings. I can use my echo to control harmony activities by themselves, but not as part of a scene.

You would need to open the Logitech harmony (connect) smartapp in the Classic app and search for and install the activities again. Hopefully, they should show in the new app and work for you.

Now, when the Classic app is retired… there will be no way to access that integration any more. They had it in the new app until a few months ago, at which point it was removed. Will it return… who knows!

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll try to add them back to the classic app. I thought I tried yesterday, but I was so frustrated with the whole ordeal that I probably didn’t.

Understandable on the frustration. Hopefully they should work for you. Not sure why they didn’t.

What happens when the Classic app is retired is an unknown. I would expect them to continue working but will they?

As for alternative options… maybe a switchbot. @jdroberts posted a sale on them at Amazon yesterday so not sure how long the sale will be around.


If all you need is to turn it on and off, then indeed a SwitchBot mini hub is a really good alternative. It costs around $40, it’s very small, and it has an official smartthings integration with the new V3 app. I use this myself for an otherwise smart TV that isn’t smart until it’s been powered on. :wink:

I personally have never even tried to do anything else, though. My smart TV is a fire TV and once it’s on I use voice controls for everything. I know that there are some other people who have tried to use it as a full remote, and they have some discussion in the thread. It’s possible, but maybe not as elegant as the Harmony scenes were.

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Just verified that my Harmony Activities are showing up in the New App. However, it did have me to download a new device controller. BTW, I have 4 Hubs.

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Yes, my bad… you can use the existing Logitech harmony app in the new app. You only need to use the Classic it install the Logitech harmony integration as it was removed from the new app in the add device section.

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OK, I went back to the classic app and added my two Harmony hubs. I was able to recover all of my Harmony activities and they did migrate over to the new app.

At first, they aren’t able to connect. I went to the harmony app and tried to refresh home control. That didn’t work either. I finally logged back into Smartthings through the Harmony app and I was able to reconnect the harmony apps as “Plugs”…

Still not able to control the activities through scenes.

Any ideas?

Ok, strange question for you… are using adguard, malware blocking or a pihole on your home network?

I am stretching here LOL

Only using McAfee life Safe on my laptop…

Were you able to control them as devices in the new app by clicking on them?

No…nothing happens when I toggle the power button in the new Smartthings app.

This is just crazy what ST did. Ok so now I’m on the new app. My Harmony stuff was imported and it does work, BUT Alexa can’t import them. Seems something is broken in ST app for the connector. I contacted ST and they told me Harmony is not supported anymore. They said search the smart apps and you’ll not find harmony anymore.

I removed the Alexa connector to ST and deleted all devices within Alexa. I reconnected Alexa to ST and did a discovery and everything came in except my Harmony devices.

I have 5 Harmony hubs running.

I just purchased a Hubitat hub and honestly the way ST has been going I’m ready to install this and dump ST at least with Hubitat you can backup and restore your own hub.

Try unpairing Harmony completely from SmartThings and building your scenes from scratch. Harmony works fine with my SmartThings scenes in the new app. I know a lot of people still trash-talk the new app but it’s come a long way and I can finally say I now prefer it over the classic app.

My problem with Harmony and the new APP is that Harmony doesn’t report TO the new app. So if I turn on a Harmony activity with my physical Harmony remote, it does not show as that activity being ON within ST. I can turn on/off activities in ST app but like I said, trying to see if the TV is already on, or Roku is already on via SmartThings doesn’t work if it was turned on by other Harmony means.

Is that the same for everyone else?

The “Activities” show up as Switches in ST. In the Harmony App, turn on the corresponding ST (Activity) Switch as a Home Control device in the Harmony Activity.

For example “Watch TV Activity”:
Turn on AVR
Turn on TV
Turn on Mood Light (Home Control)

Instead of Mood Light, use the ST (Activity) Switch “Watch TV Activity”

This will send an instant on to ST when the Activity Runs. Repeat for all other Activities. You have to authorize the ST (Activity) Switches in the Harmony App in order for them to show up as Home Control Devices.

Below is my Activity for watching Fire TV on the PJ. Notice at the button I turn on the same Activity that shows up in ST.

Good Luck

Awesome! Thank you!