Alternative drivers for the SmartThings multisensor that expose x/y/z values?

I had automations in Groovy that depended on the X Y Z status of contactsensors. It seems to be unawailable to build routines with these variables with the standard Edge driver for the sensor. Does anyone know about a driver that adds these variables to the routines?

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Hi @SteiniBrodda
The stock presentation of the capability threeAxis only has the detailView defined

     "detailView": [
             "label": "{{i18n.label}}",
             "displayType": "state",
             state: {
                 "label": "{{threeAxis.value}}",
                 "unit": "threeAxis.unit"
     "id": "threeAxis",
     "Version 1

Therefore, with this capability, automations cannot be performed.
I guess you would do them in groovy with a custom DTH or with WebCore or something like that.

The only solution would be to create three custom capabilities with a presentation for automation conditions to emit the X,Y,Z values

Thanks @JDRoberts

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The original automations were in WebCore with the standard DH from SmartThings. I am not happy with the changes in routines in SmartThings as they do not offer advanced automations, and now I learn that the SmartThings sensors I have bought and built automations for, are completely useless. Well, maybe it is time to go to Home Assistant…