Already configured Hub / IOS app still prompts for welcome code

I setup a new smartthings hub today. I used the welcome code and connected to the hub, waited for updates to complete, etc. I setup 2 locks and 2 thermostats along with some routines. Everything was working fine. I was looking for a smart app to send text notifications based on unlock codes used. Went to and logged in with my smartthings account. Went to my hubs, and it says I dont have any hubs, my devices says dont have any devices.

So I go back to the ios App and log out. Then try to log back in and select “I’m a SmartThings user”, input my email and password, confirm my country, and it says Enter Code Here. I have already setup my hub and dont know why its prompting me for the welcome code. It just says the code is invalid at this point. So I cant connect to my hub any longer.

Any ideas on what I need to do to get the app to connect to the hub without losing my devices and routines, etc.

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Same here. Even more frightening is that it appears there is no way to save the hubs settings. It’s just one computer “glitch” or App update away from having to reconfigure your smarthome. Frankly, if I have to reset the SmartThing’s hub and start over, then I’ll be moving all the devices to another platform such as Home Assistant ( where all my settings and automations can be backed up.