iOS app suddenly prompting for hub code

I added my wife as a user to our smart things hub a week ago and she had access. Today when she logs in it prompts her for the hub code as if she is setting f the hub up for the first time.

It sounds like her login (email) has become disconnected from your Account.

Have you tried logging in as yourself (the main Account) on that phone, just to test? Then you can logout. You can also try “inviting” her email again.

But should be able to check this really easily.

support@smartthings should be able to check this really easily but…they are slow to respond. It took me about 3 days to get an easy issue resolved last time I put in a support request so I’m just checking to see if any have had the issue.

My only option to avoid the device code prompt is to delete and reinstall the app. I’ll try logging in as myself then logging out and then “re-inviting” her.

Please DM me your ticket number and we can investigate what caused the delay