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Alpha Opportunity: Browser-Based Web Portal


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The feedback here has been awesome. At this time we have enough submissions so we’re closing down the form for now. Thanks to everyone who submitted!


hoping to get selected… thanks

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Grumble… Grumble… I totally missed the boat to sign up… :frowning:

You did get some testers who use voice readers like JAWS, right?

The national Federation of the blind can help direct you to resources for producing content that will be accessible. :sunglasses:


Did anywone get a link yet?

Not me at least.

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Hm sometimes i feel that this community has given up on this product

We’re hoping to send out the invites early sometime next week. We’re working on getting Centercode setup to manage the test process and it’s going a little slower than we expected. Sorry about the delay.


That’s nice to hear…

This is the first time seeing this announcement. Wished I had had the opportunity to have signed up.

The first batch of invitations have been sent!

We had a ton of people interested and were looking for some fairly specific criteria for this first group of testers. We’re hoping to be able to invite additional people as we continue moving towards a public launch. At best guess the next wave may be in a month or so, but file that under the “couple of weeks” level of reliability.


Y’all forgot to send my invitation…


Mine too :cry:

Where is my invitation? :frowning:

Still no invitation

I am interested too, is it too late?

It’s too late for this group of invites. I’ll post again next time we open signups


I was also left behind… :frowning_face:

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The form is open again if you missed the first chance to fill it out. If you filled it out before, you’re still on the list so no need to fill it out again. The next wave of invites will probably go out sometime next week (as always timelines are never guaranteed).

Note: the next wave of invites will probably be smaller than the first. Mostly we’re filling spots of people who got invites and didn’t accept. We do still plan to add more people later too.