Alpha Opportunity: Browser-Based Web Portal

Appreciate an update on when you would add the next batch of testers. Love to test the web interface

the app is SLOOOOOOOW with all my devices (takes over 40 seconds on iOS / iPhone to load my 150+ devices in Things…)

There are a couple of big pieces of work I need to get done before we can add more users. I’m hoping for sometime this month but as always, no promises


I haven’t had anything new to play with in ages in my smart home setup please send out more invites


I’m still troubleshooting a couple of problematic pieces. Sorry for the delay. Hopefully I’ll get this resolved soon and we can get back to adding people.

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hi @Dianoga - appreciate an update. love to test the web portal


Good and not so good news for those still following along.

  • The alpha went well and we got lots of good feedback. We’re in the process of shutting it down now.
  • We’re shutting it down in preparation for a much larger test leading to a full release
  • That much larger test has been unexpectedly delayed due to a couple of issues we found.

As always, I can’t make any promises around timelines. All I can say is that it’s still a project, I’m still working on it, and I’m working to get it available to all of you as soon as I can.


I came to Smartthings when the IRIS platform closed, the Web Portal for that was way better than the app. REALLY looking forward to getting a Web Portal for Smartthings .
PLEASE don’t omit to include a download/export ability.
thanks, -

What are you looking to download? Data? Hub backup?

Previously with IRIS the web portal had an ‘event’ export feature which would download a specifiable date range to a .CSV file. I then manipulated the data i needed in a spreadsheet.

Now with Smartthings i use the ‘event’ list in ‘Groovy IDE’, scrolling down the events page by page to the last date i captured the data, select-all and copy this to a WORD doc (it creates a table in Word but not in Excel (!?)), then copy the .doc table into Excel. I’m then back to where i would have been with the IRIS .CSV file.
This is good data, but this is really a tedious, time-consuming process and its easy to make a slip and have to start all over!
best regards

you can download your data in the settings menu of the app. Could try that and see what format it is.

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prjct92eh2 JIMMY , - many thanks for the pointer. I had never bothered with this menu item, assuming it just carried my profile data.
My iphone constantly failed the download, but my iPad worked great.
The event.csv and notification.csv both have great data (over 61,000 rows in events.csv) - except for two critical items : - the date and time of the event/notice !
So i have no idea of when the 61,000+ events actually occured !? (- unless the ‘epoch’ field has some meaning i’m not grasping ? e.g : ‘1573656726000’).


Use this formula in Excel:


Where the epoch value is in A1. Then set the format of the cell with the formula to date/time. This will give you the date/time in UTC. You can then adjust for your time zone.

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Brilliant, thanks NEZMO. i’ll plug that in and give it a go.

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I am curious to see the look of the new web portal. Someone can share a print screen?

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A gift for Chrismas? Any ETA?

A gift for Christmas?

Maybe. We’re currently working on getting sign-off from necessary parties. Once we get that we should be ready to go. If it gets too close to the holidays we may delay until the new year as planned vacations would interfere with support.


The window for release this year has closed. We’re still working on getting the needed approvals for release and even if we got those today, it’s too close to holiday time off to responsibly release this year. Hopefully January but as always, no promises.


Will the Rules API run locally directly upon realase of the platform or will that be a future update?

And, will all the current WebCore´s be automaticly converted to Rules API (if features used in Webcore is handled in Rules API of course) or is something that needs to be done manually no matter what?

One last thing, is the new device registration process for Partners something that can/will be used by the community to also register “homegrown” drivers as a subset of community based drivers, or even just locally stored? or will that still be handled like todays Device Handlers?

Not currently a Hub user at all but running localy was something that had me looking at Hubitat as my first way in as i also like the idea of creating rules from scratch in code so the direction you are taking did sway me over from the last SDC, looks like a great future to build on, especially with the new Alliance platform coming together.

Thanks in advance,

May I also add, and i know this is probably not the right place for feature requests but, i notice Homey as an example also uses 433Mhz communication and a lot of legacy products and contractor type products are still using that type of protocol.

Could potentially see a gain in adding 433 support and the ability to create event listeners and commands using the same Rules API, just a thought.


Hi Dianoga,

Can you give us some update about release date? Somethings new?