Allow smartthings to run in the background (Windows 11)

The Windows app asks to “Allow SmarThings to run in the background”. It gives only two choices… “Background apps” and “Try again”.

When I select Background apps, it opens Windows system settings. I go to Apps → Installed apps, then select the three menu dots to the left of Smartthings and select Advanced options. The selection for Let this app run in background is already set to “Always”.

I can never get past the notice to “Allow Smartthings to run in the background”.

The Smartthings app will not run. Is there a fix?

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I am having the exact same thing happening, even though Windows 11 shows permissions granted.

This was working fine on Windows 10, but is totally dead in the water on Windows 11.

Ive never tried it in Windows 10 but am having the exact same problem, tried enabaling via the app section in Windows settings and making sure the computer is in high power mode, rather than power saver mode. Tried restarting as well.

Same problem here, also tried enabling background execution in settings, reboot, etc. -
did anyone find a solution/workaround yet?