(Michael) #1

We’ve been asking for a UWP app for Smartthings that’ll let us pin devices to the start menu. Found one last night in the Windows Store. Check out SmartThingsToStart in the store, it’s UWP and works on Mobile, PC, Xbox, and everything else W10.
It’s a little ruff, throws an error when pining a tile, but it works. Pin any switch or Routine to any start menu.

UWP support - Smartthings Inc.:0 - Community: 1.


(Gareth) #2

Just given it a go and agree its neat. Have you seen Home Remote? Its looks like a long list of supported devices and integrations…too good to be true.

( #3

Anyone have a link to the code?
My Xbox will not open the link to the code (Line 6) so the installation is hung at that point