All Zigbee Motions Failing

Anyone else having the joy of all their motions simply stop reporting back to the hub tonight?

Just got back from trip and V1 and V2 ST motions doing squat. All have newer batteries.

Sent a ticket to support but good lord with this platform.

I had that about two or three days ago. Had to rejoin all my zigbee devices to get it to work. Didnt have to delete them jsut did a rejoin

how do you do a rejoin? do you need to go device to device and pull them off the ceilings?

depending on your device.

Go to the app and set it for connect new device. Go to the device and pull the battery and hold the button while you put in the battery again. When the light is solid let go of the button and it will start flashing as it resync with the hub. sucks I know but it wasnt as bad as rebuilding my entire 100 item z wave network a couple weeks ago :slight_smile:

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yeah, i have 130 or so and not relishing the full redo at some point.

Was contemplating a hub off for 15 minutes and see if zigbee mesh would rebuild properly once hub comes back online.

or that will just jack things up worse!


they say thats the way to reset a zigbee. I only have about 15 zigbee devices the rest are zwave so it was easy for my to walk around

My Kingdom My kingdom for a stable platform!!!

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Hmm, the hub rebooted this evening too and I see some motions were working right up until that. That makes me wonder if that can cause them to fall off…and I added a few zigbee devices tonight in new spots in the house.

I wonder if that can screw things up enough… where is JDRoberts when you need him! :slight_smile:

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They all started working again. I think it just took a long time for the Zigbee mesh to reroute with the new devices and reboot of the hub,.

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and this morning still not perfect.

support did a “reset” and “update”, but some still didn’t fire. battery in and out of the last few stragglers seems to have got it done.