WiFi hub. Zwave issues?

I have a new SmartThings WiFi hub.
In the ide I see “state: not detected”.

I was trying to get some switches connected and found articles about trouble with those, but maybe my hub is bad.

Where do I go from here?

Additional info from event log

If you click on View Utilities that is shown in your first image, do you have the option to enable z-wave?

I do have that option.

After clicking it, there is nothing new in the event log and the hub info still shows not detected.

I would suggest contacting ST support and let them troubleshoot your issue.

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I also notice your region is not set.

Thanks for looking!

I have a ticket in with support, hope I’ll hear on Monday!

(Not seeing where to set the region… the only region I see is in the zwave settings where everything is zero)

On the phone with support right now… getting transferred to somebody who will be shipping me a new hub.

Support tech did say they have seen some hubs show “state: Not Detected” but the z-wave protocol still works. In my case, they asked me to put it in exclusion mode and when nothing appeared in the log, she decided a replacement is appropriate.

(fingers crossed)

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Well… after 10 minutes with the support tech I was transferred to somebody who would get me a new unit… after 15 minutes with him, he put me on hold… he came back to apologize for the wait a couple of times, but 30 minutes later I had to go to a meeting so I hung up.

Guess I’ll call back and try again.
{called back… 15 minute call… supposed to receive an email and a return call within an hour… holding my breath}
{1.5 hours later… received an email with a “service number” for the exchange… no additional details… no call back}
{2 hours later… I called back in with this service number. was connected to the mobile team… they are transferring me over to the SmartThings team… I just want to know how the exchange is going to go, when will my replacement arrive, where is my shipping label, etc.? the transfer ended up not working… I’m calling back AGAIN.}
{20 minute call… return wasn’t actually processed… then he asked for the serial number, but I wasn’t home. He said he’d call back in 20 minutes. Half an hour later, no call. I’m off to coach my kids practice now…}
{he called me back! Exchange authorized. COULD TAKE 14 days!!! I asked to return it instead. Would have to call back to somebody (who I don’t know) else… WHAT A JOKE this customer service was. I’ve requested a return online (since I ordered from Samsung direct). Ugh ugh ugh!!!}

/end rant/

//rant on again

{shipped defective unit back to Samsung, tracking shows it was received on the 30th. Yesterday I got an email that my issue was resolved and they hoped I was satisfied… since I have no replacement/refund/tracking number/etc I am not satisfied. No way to reply to email and update my case… I call in, was placed on a “one to three minute hold” for 5 minutes, and then another “one to three minute hold” for another 5 minutes… I’m told I should expect a tracking number this week… no reason given for why I received the email that my case was resolved}

Sent them another email on Friday. No response. Still no tracking number. Still don’t have a replacement. Well done Samsung support ! Lolololz

Still no response to my email! Still no tracking number! worst customer service experience I’ve had in years.

I understand your pain and agree that you should be upset at the lack of activity.

This response is an attempt to explain the potential reason for the email stating that your issue has been resolved. I’m retired now but I was an IT manager for many years and I was at least peripherally associated or responsible with Help Desk’s through most of that time.

The reason for the Help Desk saying that your issue is resolved - while you are thinking , ‘no way is it resolved’ is due to a difference of perspective. Let me explain.

  1. From your (the customer’s) perspective, your issue is not resolved until you get the new hub and it works
  2. From the Help Desk’s perspective, you asked a question and they set the wheels in motion to get you a new hub. They notified the appropriate departments to send out the RMA and send you a new hub. From their standpoint, they did their job and there’s nothing else they can do for this specific incident. So, they then logged the incident as resolved. This is the way that most help desks function. They take in information and set things in motion for other groups to complete their tasks - and mark the incident as resolved. Further, the Help Desk is evaluated on how many incidents are taken in and how quickly they’re resolved. They do not want incidents left open very long.

But you’re saying to yourself that it’s not resolved! And for where you sit, you’re right. From where they sit, they’ve done their job - and they’re incentivised to quickly close incidents. If something’s not right (like in this case), you contact them about it and they’ll create a new incident - perhaps tying the two incidents together to get this resolved.

The only way to mesh the Help Desk’s and the customer’s differing perspectives would be to wait until the customer responds in some way to let the Help Desk know that everything is OK. Many times, that never happens, and as we discussed, they don’t want to wait for a response that may never come – all the while their metrics for rapidly resolving issues gets unfairly and horribly out of whack. So, we’re stuck with the current way of doing things.

I’m sure this may not make you happy, but hopefully, it explains why it’s the way it is.

BTW, the fact that those other functional departments have dropped the ball is not good at all.

Well… on the phone with them again.

“SmartThings doesn’t actually replace devices… Samsung does”
(Oh, I thought I bought a Samsung device… oh, and when I call Samsung, SmartThings answers the phone… But what do I care??? I just want my device or money back.)

“… and I see the email you sent us on Friday…”
(Oh, thanks for not replying to THAT)
“… let me put you on a ‘brief’ hold again”

… UGH! …

Me: So you’ve had my device since the 30th? When will I get my replacement?
Customer Service: Oh… since the 30th??? hmm… hold… …. Oh, I can see we have it, but I don’t see a tracking number… so you’ll get it soon.
Me: Ok thanks… wth does it take so long
Customer Service: I don’t know.
Me: Who does know. Let me talk to them.
Customer Service: hmm… I have the number to call, but I can’t give it to you, would you like to be transferred?
Me: sure.
Customer Service: ok… here we go
New Customer Service: ticket number?
Me: #########
New Customer Service: oh, we don’t service that issue I can transfer you to 1-800-samsung
Me: UGH!

Looks like I’ll give it a couple more days and then dispute the original charge with my CC.

OMG OMG OMG… UPS My Choice system just alerted me that I should expect a package from Samsung tomorrow. They never provided me a tracking number… but here comes a package from them. I wonder if it actually a working device???

22 days after first calling Samsung and having them tell me they would not fix my issue connecting to my ge switches, they finally replaced their defective unit with a new one.

The new one works!!!

Now I can flip my switches with my phone.

Now to figure out how to totally get rid of that old hub on my account. I can’t find it anywhere except for when I add a device.