All hardwired switches and outlets have ceased to respond to app or voice commands. HELP!?!?!

I’ve had SmartThings since approximately 2018 and everything has always worked surprisingly well. I’ve hard-wired most of my lights and some wall plugs. 90% are GE/Jasco switches and maybe 10% are inovelli. I still have a few Sengled Bulbs, but not many. I also have a Yale lock (YRD210 i think).

About two weeks ago all of my hard-wired devices and my lock stopped functioning properly. Just as I was about to get fed up and make a similar post to this, they all started working again. They worked for three or four days and now I’m right back where I started. None of the hard-wired devices or the lock respond to voice commands through google home anymore. Sometimes I will give a voice command and 50+ minutes later it will finally respond. Additionally, none of them respond to the app either. Some show online, some offline. But even the online ones don’t work via voice or the app (samsung s9+ phone ST version Whatever is happening also seems to be killing the batteries on my lock too. Freshly charged batteries used to last almost a year and now only last a week.

I’m at my wits end here. Is there a reset for the hub (V2) I can do without having to reinstall all my devices? Is this happening to everyone? Do I need a new hub? I’m not super technical but I can follow a good tutorial, so any suggestions are welcome. The switches all work like dumb switches, so it won’t kill me. But the constant draining of the lock batteries is getting very frustrating as I’ve spent the last four years not needing to remember to lock my door and now I do.

Are the Sengled bulbs (which are Zigbee) still working? It sounds like most of your other devices are Z wave, so the first thing I would do is sign into the IDE and see If there are any indications of a Z wave problem. Among other things, you can look at each device to see the number of messages transmitted and the number of failures.

You can also go ahead and contact SmartThings support. They can see more things from their side then we can as regular customers.

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So I figured it out today purely by accident. It seems when my z-wave lock stops working it kills the majority of my z-wave devices too. I put in new batteries today and everything started working again. I ordered better quality batteries, since I was being lazy and using rechargeables, and should be good to go now. I’m guessing this has something to do with my Z-Wave mesh? Is there any way to reroute the rest of the devices so they don’t die with my lock?

Hmmm. I can’t guarantee this as I’ve not done it, but

  1. Take the lock offline
  2. Perform Z-wave repair

This should re-route all your devices through other devices that are online. Then
3. Bring the lock back online

On the other hand, this could be the sort of ‘nag’ thing that gets you to change your lock batteries when needed lol

You’re the second person to report this specific issue in the last couple weeks. Only theirs was a Kwikset lock. :thinking:

The first thing I can tell you is nothing is routing THROUGH The lock. Z wave locks are not repeaters. (Very few battery power devices are, because it would kill the battery.)

It’s possible that the lock is sending out some kind of “help, I’m dying “message, even if it’s just battery status, and flooding the network so other messages can’t get through. That seems like a reasonable possibility, and it’s easy to check. Instead of putting new batteries in the lock, just take the batteries out all together when it starts to die. If your other devices are unaffected, then it’s not any kind of a repeating issue.

But I am wondering if some recent change is affecting how locks are polled, or how low battery messages are handled, because it does seem odd that there are now multiple reports. So definitely report this to support if you haven’t already.

Here’s the other thread:

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Also tagging @rboy Who is an expert in locks just in case he has seen anything unusual going on. it’s definitely weird.